DWQA QuestionsCategory: MetaphysicsHow many timelines are there? Is there one main timeline or infinite timelines based off of probability and actions taken?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is an interesting question with profound implications. While not infinite, the timelines are staggering in number and complexity because, in effect, there are loopings of the main timeline triggered by every important karmic event that befalls an individual in a particular circumstance. This is for purposes of working the energy within the framework for the overall organization of things to allow karma to weigh in. Because karma is the great leveler, a kind of built-in policing of what is taking place in order to assign responsibility, whether a positive or negative event or action on the part of an individual, it is an important part of the framework that will give rise to an ongoing influence on things, both in the future as well as in the past, in addition to the what is happening in the Now, perceived as the current moment by physical humans and their physical extraterrestrial antagonists.

The majority of all living things are on an ongoing main timeline but there are many subcomponents that are proceeding in parallel representing prior lifetimes, future lifetimes as well as the current lifetime, and each one of those parallel lifetimes having a future projection that is a continuation but, in effect, a kind of separate time segment or timeline. There will be a continual updating and interaction among the timelines to feed back or feed forward, information about all that transpires. So the future extensions are built from the current moment and, in turn, by everything preceding it in the history of the individual making them feel and act in certain ways in response to everything they perceive happening.

In the same way, both those in the current moment of their timeline, as perceived by living physical humans as well as themselves and all others in the future projection of the current timeline, will have things going on that loop back, using time as the conveyance, to influence both the current as well as the past, from your perspective, even though they are all, in a sense, happening simultaneously and in parallel rather than along a timeline per se. So the timeline perspective helps you to sort out and reference things in terms of consequence and origin, it is not useful in understanding the full implications and the many complexities that are time-dependent but free of the linear paradigm you have embraced as inviolate and unidirectional. So this is a complex discussion, indeed, we know you will be revisiting again and again to gain insight and wisdom.