DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerAre there any examples of free speech being preserved as a result of a human request to the divine realm?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

There are many examples that could be given. There is frequent and robust prayer work going on at all times worldwide by the many religious believers who wish to have divine assistance for themselves or others. Many movements have resulted from prayer requests and the support for them in achieving a voice and being able to be a force for good is owing to prayer requests that were used to keep the individuals safe and allow them to expand and grow unhindered by the Extraterrestrial Alliance, which otherwise would likely happen. There are many human enterprises that are shut down or thwarted in their expression by extraterrestrial interference to block human progress. This they can do elegantly or crudely, depending on the circumstances of what may be required.

There are many charitable organizations and self-help organizations that are fully supported by the divine realm through prayer requests to help them with their work, to have an impact and make a difference that otherwise would simply not happen. There is powerful opposition to everything humans do, and the squelching of humanitarian enterprises is one of their favorite games. After all, because they are suppressing humanity and undermining human progress all the time, anything that benefits humanity is undoing their handiwork and this they resent and will try to lash back. Most such positive enterprises only exist because of prayerful support, so there is a direct request being made to help them keep going, to do the things that are in divine alignment they are seeking.