DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlCan Creator explain how the Lightworker Healing Protocol can help individuals overcome complacency and recover healthy motivation, bringing more zest into their lives?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

The Lightworker Healing Protocol is ideal for dealing with a dilemma of this kind because it is designed to address all sources of human negativity and the consequences to alteration of the mind, body, and spirit. When people become complacent, they are, in effect, surrendering their power and control even of their own destiny in some instances. This is an invitation to be manipulated and maneuvered in some way to serve others.

The way to break free is to seek help, in most cases, because it is very difficult to undo something that has become a part of the self functionally through distorted thinking, through the incorporation of negative limiting beliefs that do not serve the person but, in effect, are a diminishment being foisted on the person by the interlopers to complicate things and limit their lives. So to break free requires some concerted effort and this will not be easy for the person lulled into complacency, and is part of the dilemma.

The Lightworker Healing Protocol is designed to remove many sources of negativity that contribute directly to the creation of a complacent state and dampen the possibility of being motivated to act in any number of situations, even for self-preservation. The ability of the Lightworker Healing Protocol to remove subconscious programming alone is a tremendous advance when it is still completely unrecognized by the mainstream as an issue, let alone a highly significant source of life difficulty from all kinds of consequences. So the Lightworker Healing Protocol is a perfect antidote to an ongoing campaign of diminishment through mind manipulation to prey on people’s sensibilities, their political leanings, their attitude about wealth and leisure, and so on. The many karmic entanglements that the Protocol addresses and the fact that it can work across time domains to deal with the many painful times and stressful traumatic episodes across the time domains of past and future, in addition to the present life and its doings, create many avenues for a creative exploration of a person’s life and its outcomes to find the causal elements of difficulty and right the wrongs playing out in other timelines. This is a huge area of opportunity not fully tapped as yet.