DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can be instrumental in bringing about the best-case scenario for our future, and additionally, if we need to individually think about and pursue physical preparedness and self-sufficiency when it comes to meeting our basic survival needs?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol are the ideal tools for doing both short-term and long-term preparation, whether the goals are immediate and relatively minor in scope, or the severest tests of humanity still to come that will be deciding factors in your fate as a civilization and a species. The answer for all of it, all the problems small and large, is to have a divine intervention of some kind. To be partnering with Creator is the only hope you have to deal with these problems because they are greater than humanity can deal with on their own, individually or collectively. First of all, you are too disorganized and fragmented with regard to beliefs and ideologies. There will be no chance to come together to embrace a common purpose for quite some time yet. Secondly, the technological superiority of the interlopers and the fact that most people still do not even believe in the dark spirit realm create huge obstacles to doing anything practical on your own. Even when people are awakened to the reality of spirit possession and the further collusion with a Dark Extraterrestrial Alliance, you will still need the divine realm to remove dark spirits from their hapless victims and to work towards countering extraterrestrial plans of all kinds targeting individuals, as well as groups of people and the entirety of humanity, even on a global scale at times.

When you apply yourselves to cultivating a divine partnership by asking for your belief to be strengthened, your resolve and your understanding through inspiration, encouragement, and the offering of suggestions humans can perceive and embrace, can be invaluable to at least do those things at a human level that will even the odds and increase your chances of surviving some of the less than lethal manipulations. So if you are living in a hurricane zone, for example, enough prayer work may allow tempering the severity of the storm so that it creates excess rainfall but only minor wind damage and no real loss of infrastructure, including human dwellings—that can happen with enough humans lining up with the divine.

The ultimate solution here to help to encourage and ensure the withdrawal of the interlopers altogether from your world will require much divine healing to change their minds and hearts enough to give up some of their plans and withdraw. For this the Lightworker Healing Protocol, in particular, is the tool of choice because what will be needed is a very active and thorough deep karmic repair to disentangle the karmic interdependence of the interlopers with humanity and to begin to raise up the vibration of the interlopers as well, to create an opportunity for them to take a less draconian strategy and see the wisdom and value to them of not having to bother with the actual annihilation itself.

This is possible to arrange and is an ideal strategy to employ. We cannot lay this out in great detail with the step-by-step maneuvers because that would be too risky and would work against you because it would likely be discovered and then cause a backlash. The best course of action is to trust in us, to have faith we can provide a plan that will work if we have sufficient human requests for this to be enacted. So the main goal needed is to do sufficient prayer and healing work as well, because the Protocol is designed to create and then greatly magnify a body of human intention to raise up the hearts and minds of the interlopers. How that is done exactly, in what circumstances and sequence, and with what specific manipulations and kinds of working strategies, you need not know in detail but leave that to us to arrange.

We can repurpose all that human intention to carry out divine healing work that will be a tremendous blessing not only for the interlopers but for the humans originating the requests for healing, because their intention will be connecting them to the outcome and will create a huge karmic benefit in the bargain. So this is not giving something up you will never get back as a sacrifice to help your adversaries before your own humankind. You will benefit as well. It is a win-win strategy and, in fact, healing the perpetrators is the very best way to ensure healing of the victims. It is the beauty and wisdom of the divine, that helping even the depraved far out of divine alignment who harm many civilizations, including humanity and all of Gaia, healing the depraved ones will bring an automatic series of benefits returning to the victims making the healing requests on their behalf.

The need now is to get going, to work in earnest, and not stop. You can do this. We have foreseen this and have given you the tools. You have refined them to arrange them and augment them in many cases and honed them to a high degree of specificity and power. All that is truly needed is additional practitioners. We are looking forward to your success with this challenge, but you must bring it about and we await your choices with great interest and much love for you.