DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolCan people who are shaky in their belief quotient and/or troubled actually get into difficulty using the Protocol if they are targeted by the darkness because of their outreach? What criteria can we adopt for allowing training and use of the Lightworker Healing Protocol so we avoid bringing harm to others?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

We cannot categorically state 100% that human ingenuity is incapable of warping and distorting the good intentions of the Protocol and twisting them into something that could cause harm, but we can state near categorically, that this is not a concern because it starts with an outreach to Creator. All such outreaches are held sacred and are protected and shielded from outside inspection by third parties. This is why prayer is not risky. Anguished cries for help in the night carry risk always because they signal the presence of a victim and that is a risky thing to do when predators are always lurking about.

On the other hand, a divine outreach prefaced with a direct request to speak to Creator will not be seen, or cause a retaliation of any kind. That is part of the reason we can guarantee safety of those using the Protocol, at least in so far as the act of utilizing the Protocol is concerned. In the course of their life, practitioners may indeed find ways to undermine themselves, to drop their guard and create moments of weakness when they are once again vulnerable. This is true of everyone and a reason why vigilance is important and working on one’s vibration to become as stable and in good alignment spiritually as possible, because such moments of weakness will become few and far between. But such lapses can be dealt with when one is actively using the Protocol because they will be helping to heal themselves all along the way, should that be necessary, and that remains the best safeguard.