DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerCan you give us a recommended prayer for people to use to freely donate their intention for the saving and healing of humanity to be used in helping the collective effort underway by the divine realm in response to our Lightworker Healing Protocol work?
Nicola Staff asked 4 years ago
As we have told you, the general prayers are quite generic so people can be in alignment with the healing of divine love without having to know all of the whys and wherefores, the specifics of what may be needed, and the precise details of what is underlying the problems they may be aware of that always have deeper origin and significance. Adding greater specificity to the equation is always a good idea because it will make things go smoother and will provide, in some cases, a more powerful follow‑up because the intention is focused more keenly in desiring something to happen that is more specific. So there are pros and cons here always. Many times the broadest possible prayer is advantageous because it has the greatest range of applicability and so will serve many, many needs because the divine realm can apply it in so many differing ways to accomplish objectives, whereas a narrowly focused prayer confines the reach to the narrow terms of the offering or the request as the case may be. So you can simply state: “Source Creator, accept my gifting of intentions to serve others in the way highest and best through the divine realm,” and this will be sufficient. It indicates that the gifting is to Creator for the intention of the betterment of something and then the discretion is left to Creator to deploy the intention in service to the highest good—this need not be fancy, it need only be done and on record.