DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsCan you give us an overview about the extent and consequences of political manipulation by the Extraterrestrial Alliance and whether we can use politics to right the wrongs of the world effectively?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

Many people will find it most disheartening to learn that their cherished political systems and beloved leaders are, in effect, manipulated heavily as a routine. So even as they smile and dispense platitudes and promises, their handlers will know any truly significant promises will not be kept, the platitudes will not meet with reality in the execution by the government itself, and the people as a whole are manipulated through mind control to be complacent and largely uncaring. It is like a high school lunchroom where concerns about nutrition would seem to be the priority, that all receive an adequate balanced meal and take it in so they can do their best for the rest of the day and add to their health and wellbeing, but instead there is a food fight that breaks out and all are drawn into it, and that is followed by chaos and a ramping of emotions blithely unconcerned about the long-term consequences, or even the short-term ones, as their lunch is hurled through the air and becomes inedible in the melee.

This is the circus politics has become in today’s world; it gives, on a daily basis, things to love or hate, as the case may be, depending on one’s political leanings. They are never about substance but more about form than function, more about attitudes and some discussion of policies and their potential for helping the nation but often with little detail or even careful thought about the approach being trotted out. It is merely the idea that makes the politician look impressive, that they are knowledgeable, they are minding the store and have the best interests of the country at heart when it is actually just hot air unless they can deliver. With political gridlock being the order of the day, this rarely happens in any kind of deep way with anything that is truly an advance to change things in a significant way for the better.

Politics is the art of confusion, conflict, and discord to create a drama out of a clash of ideas, but it is more like a play where the actors come together to put on a show and then they go home at the end of the day and leave it all behind because it was all a kind of act to begin with. It is cold and calculating and a deliberate orchestration to win minds and hearts, often through distortions, lies, and simplistic ideas that may never be implemented or even have the remotest chance of successfully overcoming a problem they are intended to solve, but if it sounds good and is well delivered, especially by a trusted member of one’s preferred political party, people will just nod and smile and accept it at face value and then likely forget what was even shared with them—it is all talk and no substance unless it is put into action.

We can tell you that political parties are deliberately maneuvered to be at war with one another because this is the modus operandi of the Extraterrestrial Alliance, the strategy of divide and conquer. It would be far more ideal to not have political parties at all and to have everything done on its merits, including who represents the government in whatever capacity is needed as leadership, and if people were involved more directly and could cast a vote about policy and the specific activities on a government level then there would be a truer democracy and it would be freer of corrupting influences. That is an ideal that cannot be executed in the human realm as it currently exists because you are so heavily programmed to begin with, to need a tribe, to want to belong to a faction, and to look for opponents once you have embraced those who you feel are kindred spirits and share your views. But this is precisely the kind of self-selection that has been promoted down through the ages by the interlopers to force you to choose sides because there will inevitably be a war or a contest, as is the case with politics, and the political landscape devolves into an unseemly and unproductive campaign of finger-pointing, name-calling, and general skullduggery to undermine the opponents and cover up the malfeasance or shortcomings of one’s own party members with the general excuse that all is fair when one is at war—that certainly does not serve the national interest and it lowers the standards and corrupts things and is a slippery downward slope in all respects.

The problems facing humanity will simply not be solved through politics done by anyone or any political party. Your true adversaries are hidden; it is the interlopers who must be changed through healing to encourage them to withdraw and leave the world to humans to truly govern unfettered and free from manipulation that is done now on a continual basis. Until that is achieved through a partnership with the divine, politics will be wholly unreliable as a means of advancing humanity except as occasional things slip through to make something good happen; it will rarely be something of large consequence because that is actively prevented, and that is why there is such disarray with all of your institutions heavily flawed, inefficient, and sometimes even working against your best interests because their policies are faulty and their strategies doomed to fail.