DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialCan you give us some clarity on the Fatima Prophecies? What did the girls see? Was that a celestial ship that the crowds observed? Was it Mother Mary?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This indeed was Mother Mary. It was a celestial manifestation and embodiment of her being in a visual apparition with an inner knowing by these young innocents of the true divine nature of what they were witnessing. This was a special kind of outreach to plant the seeds for the future, to remind humanity that the divine is real, that stories of old are not necessarily folklore but can be a true accounting of a personage who was larger than life, and not only left their mark, but can return again and influence people in the future in a similar way. That was the reason for this experiencing. It was done in a time of relative ignorance and with little understanding of the idea of reincarnation, and the persistence of the soul as the wellspring of life and creating the continuity of existence as a being, a persona. This is vaster than can be encompassed by the visage of a human being, even with the intricacy of its makeup and personality and many other characteristics, and with the variation among human beings, this still only begins to scratch the merest surface of the potential inherent within the soul itself, but there is a continuity of awareness and understanding of the soul to know where it has been, what it has done, and also where it is going.

Many beings of light come again and again into physical life with the penalty of almost always being in ignorance of their past doings, and even of their past existence because science, yet again, has constrained knowledge to make you believe this is just a chance encounter of sperm and egg, and inheritance of a genetic component from the two parents coming from a lineage of other physical human beings, and this constitutes the sum total of all the characteristics on display and is simply matter coming together, bumping into itself and then things happen. This woefully understates the case. The appearance of a divine figure in this way is a true blessing and is a true gifting of the divine to humanity to raise hearts and minds, to render hope among the believers, and a reminder that the stories of old are largely true with respect to the existence of the light as the source energy, and the role of a supreme being, a Source Creator, who made the universe and everything within as a creative exercise.

All of its potential is ultimately available to the part of Creator that is each respective human being. This message from Mother Mary was not only to recall the existence of the divine, relative to the stories of old, it was to make the link to come full circle in a sense, that having lived in the physical and then passed on to the beyond, there could be a coming back again as a higher entity, a higher-level form of the being in a divine plane of existence, and this was to remind human beings of their true origin—that all of you, as well, are divine. You are cut from the same cloth, in fact. You all have a soul created by us and destined for many great acts of wonderment and accomplishment for a glorious expansion of possibilities. As a populace, humanity on the planet you inhabit, have been constrained for millennia and limited in your growth. There has been in some ways progress, but in other ways a diminishment. The progress is in understanding the diminishment for what it truly represents and working to right those wrongs.

This is not wasted time or effort, this is a blessing in disguise because it will teach you how to right wrong, how to prevail, how to overcome adversity and how to use love as a weapon to counteract any departure from a divine path. It is a weapon of inducement, of enticement and reward. Rewards work better than punishment to the extent the reward is of greater value than the punishment causes suffering. There is no greater reward than to be in the encirclement of divine love, direct and unfiltered. This was, as well, a third message and reason for that encounter with Mother Mary being present, because she, as well, was radiating Creator’s love, and those witnesses felt the love and everyone hearing the story who was spiritually open to the possibility of it being true, was literally touched by God and the love flowed into them. This is why such events become recorded and then are recounted again and again and again, and often through considerable periods of time through history. It is because they were not only true, they were profound in their meaning and continue to carry truth and awareness of the divine and its workings to succeeding generations of living human beings simply hearing a recounting of the episode.