DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmConcetta Bertoldi is a psychic medium and best-selling author of four books. In her book, “I Kissed a Ghost (and I Liked It),” she writes, “Often when we have these uncanny feelings, we might later say to a friend, ‘Something just told me that it wasn’t safe to go in there, or not to trust that person.’ Well guess what? It isn’t something, it was someone.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

There are many sources of influence beyond the self and one’s own inner resources. This includes divine beings that might be Creator, one’s higher self, loved ones in the light, or those assigned to watch over you directly. You may also have inner knowing through your own intuitive reach there is darkness lurking, and avoid an encounter more directly by heeding the inner warning you are perceiving and correctly assigning the meaning in the way of having misgivings, or even fear, entering an unfamiliar place or encountering a person who seems somehow unpleasant and triggers an inner alarm. So there are many ways you get information and knowledge about the wider world around you. It pays to listen and also to develop your own radar, so to speak, and you can do this by reaching out to the Almighty for help to hone and cultivate your intuitive reach, as well as requesting the involvement of loved ones to work on your behalf in assisting your life to run smoothly and safely along the way.