DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlA client has tried and failed to get himself admitted to 3 different hospitals because he is feeling suicidal again. Does he have new spirit meddler attachments? What can be done to help him?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

He is being hounded by spirits trying to gain an entrance, and perceiving that onslaught, it is like having one’s house surrounded by a mob making threats, clamoring to find a way in, and creating quite a clatter, while not truly being in immediate danger as an occupant. The same is true for him, and makes him vulnerable enough they win the contest. You rightly perceived this degree of vulnerability is not only his intuitive reach, but prior conditioning from traumatic events beginning under similar circumstances that led to great suffering, and he is simply fearing this will happen again. This old emotional reaction and the vulnerability it creates is worsened by the fact that the primary initiation is within the deep subconscious, and what he is experiencing consciously is great fear arising within him, seemingly out of nowhere, and then perceiving he is in danger because that is part of the message sent intuitively along with the emotional reaction. Only if he lets them in or goes outside the body to where they are, will he be at risk but that is little reassurance to the deep subconscious feeling the brunt of the energy brought to bear. And that is too vague a message to know what to do with, and to provide any kind of response by way of reassurance or directing things in a way to be a calming influence on the body, and the deep subconscious as well, in seeing him as in charge and being responsible and truly addressing the nature of the difficulty at hand rather than being helpless to do anything to improve the situation. So we will increase our efforts to work on that inner vulnerability. In the meantime, he is his own worst enemy in letting things get out of control. If he can hang on, this will get better in time.