DWQA QuestionsCategory: Physical UniverseIs orgon or orgonite truly an effective remedy to counteract the negative influences of all the electromagnetic frequencies in our lives today?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This is true, this material has such properties. It is a natural transducer of energy and energetic frequencies of this kind. It would be best to take full advantage of these properties by setting the intention consciously to request that these energies be transmuted in a way safe for human energy to be influenced or not, as the case may be. So they have a precise request and instruction from a human being to ensure that the alterations happen in the way most favorable for human wellbeing. This the substance can do, but may need some further fine-tuning and instructions to optimize this capability. This is true of all minerals and crystals. They can be recruited to assist humans in a kind of partnership and are quite willing to do so. They exist with a consciousness of their own, and so they have their own agenda. But this is not so different from human in that all consciousness seeks a growth in understanding and a kind of energy acquisition in the accumulation of knowledge and information, if only to be informed about one’s neighbor, perhaps to learn that an energy sensed is a neighboring plant and therefore a living thing and perhaps to enjoy tuning in to share in some small way its experience. This crystals do readily and have an unlimited reach in fact, and to engage with them gives you the opportunity to repurpose their focus for human betterment and human benefit. And this they are quite willing to do. So this is simply one example of such an outreach, there are many, many others as crystals can be used to increase safety, to provide protection, and to gather information and increase the clarity of intuitive communications. So this is up to human ingenuity to explore and to arrange.