DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AbductionsDavid Paulides write books and produced a documentary called The Missing 411 on people going missing from national parks. Is the missing people issue connected to the slave colony talked about by Ann Robards?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The answer to this is “yes”. It is very much the case. These settings are ideal for creating abductions that can lead to disappearance altogether of human beings. This then becomes an easy thing to cover up. If people are exploring a wilderness area and simply disappear, it is assumed they became lost, and over a period of days, their bodies could be moved by large predators and then devoured and never be found by searchers. This happens again and again where people disappear, leaving no trace. And this eventually is forgotten at least by the authorities and bystanders. We all know this happens. There are huge numbers of people disappearing every year. So society is accustomed to this and that creates a great cover for this process to snatch people and not return them. This is to provide fresh blood, so to speak, for the slave colony and for the existing extraterrestrial incursion within the earth plane itself, the installations where they congregate. Humans are exploited in multiple ways as slave, but also as food. So again we do not mince words here. This is all distasteful and unpleasant and does not bring us joy in recounting these facts. The reason it exists is primarily because humans are unaware it is happening and cannot fight back effectively. You cannot fight something you do not see and do not believe exists. There will be no energy or inclination to do so. This is how they get away with their crimes through the clever covering up, the misdirection, the disinformation, the control of the media and law enforcement, both, to be complacent, to discount eyewitness evidence, the pleas of family, the oddities that occur that scream out “There is something sinister behind what happened, that is not a typical accident”. But when people are subjugated through mind control to be complacent, things will not get done.

These are the headwinds all face who want to right the wrongs and to blow the whistle in some way or another. It is not only waking up those who are asleep but overcoming the deep anesthesia enveloping them. This will not be simple but is necessary. More humans are needed who are awake and observant and wanting things to change, and knowing what steps to take. If that does not happen the problem will not only continue but the problem will get worse. More will disappear and this will grow and other difficulties and calamities and catastrophes will add to the toll. And things will get increasingly ugly and out of control, and that will not be the time to be in your best shape to take on such a challenge. When people are overwhelmed and in states of fear they disempower themselves. This is an inherent characteristic of the human being. You cannot have a loving, caring, compassionate human who can suddenly switch off their feelings and go into battle and keep their head. That is asking too much. It takes extensive military training to condition human beings for combat. When this is happening within all of society on multiple levels the people as a whole will not be able to cope. This must be prevented and will only happen through divine means. People need to request this for us to come to their aid. They will not do so if they do not know a request is needed. This is our way of pointing out the great value of the question and this questioner. All who come forward in this way and seek answers are still awake. This makes you among the most valuable of humans at this time in the history because you are the hope for all the rest although they do not know this.

If you embrace our words and simply reach out to the Divine to ask for help and support and to have the hearts of all who are here raised up so love can flow and reason prevail, that is what is needed and the divine realm can use that fuel to engineer solutions that will spare lives and bring things back into balance without a fight in the conventional sense of the word.