DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationDo we live in a holographic universe, or is it more a matrix reality created by artificial intelligence? What is the best way to describe the reality humans experience?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The idea of a matrix has some utility as a metaphorical description of energetics because of the multidimensionality of existence, and particularly the discrimination between consciousness and physical representations that are thought of as matter, but are truly energy in the final analysis as well. Beyond that, the idea of a matrix is a misdirection and a form of disinformation that has been used as a clever way to engage people intellectually, to think of their situation as perhaps being very analogous to a computer game existence, perhaps only in the mind of a God somewhere but having no real basis in reality and only an illusion and the end goal being to transcend this level of existence and reach for a higher awareness in some way.

This is a disinformation campaign to disempower humans again to think there is nothing for them to do, as the existence they experience is basically a pointless artifact and can be waited out or simply transcended in some mysterious way through reaching out to some mysterious higher awareness and never with much definition of who or what that is, only that there is something much bigger and much greater beyond the self. This is in a direct and concrete sense, true, because Creator is present and is a higher and greater awareness, but this is not what is being constructed in this so‑called matrix. It is an attempt to create an artificial notion of existence and to divorce it from an interaction with the divine in a very practical, direct interplay.

You are in a physical reality that is quite real and is truly life and death. Everything you do matters, everything you think matters, every action creates a karmic consequence of energy carrying forward indefinitely and everything you do affects everything else in the physical universe and beyond. This means that everything IS important. There is nothing that is trivial. It is all an interplay of your consciousness as an extension of the divine and as an expression of Creator and the desire for expansion. You are here to make the most of your experience in the physical plane. That is the purpose of the exercise, the purpose for your incarnation—to truly integrate and to learn how to navigate in the physical realm and to use your consciousness wisely and well in interacting with all around you—all parts of the broader expression of life within Gaia, the entirety of the planet and its constituents, as well as your fellow humans and all of the animal life as well and being a part of a vast conglomeration of consciousness with varied expression. This is the purpose of life—to be here, not to be somewhere else.

You have a future destiny elsewhere but that is in the future still. It is premature to attempt to head there now. There are goals needing to be met here and now in the physical realm of earth plane and if this is not seen to, the rest will not happen. We guarantee this. There is a sequence of events that must transpire for the ascension to a higher energetic level of existence habited by human. That is your destiny, but you will not get there on your own. It will only happen if you heal the current physical realm you inhabit now. That is why this all counts. Everything else is a misdirection and a false teaching. It is clever propaganda designed to misdirect and to disempower.