DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionA supporter writes: I have read about several accounts where nuclear weapon tipped ICBMs have been disabled by UFOs. How does this fit in with either the nonintervention by positive ETs or negative ETs wanting us all dead? Is this a rare occasion of Creator intervening in the negative ET’s desire for the total annihilation of humanity?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This is indeed the case. There have been several times in human history when there has been a divine rescue through physical means to block the annihilation of humanity or the start of a series of consequences leading to that end consequence. This is because humanity was wanting this to be. It was not because humans were aware that there was a missile launch being initiated to cause a nuclear exchange and a widespread nuclear holocaust. The plans were thwarted by divine realm in this incident referred to, as a means to counteract the drastic choice made to precipitate a nuclear war that would be the undoing of humanity for all practical purposes. It would have set back humanity tens of thousands of years at best.

This has happened more than once. It is no small thing that nuclear weapons are on the scene and under control of various governments with much enmity and mistrust and at times leading almost to the brink of war. This has been prevented in the past and may be prevented yet again before things evolve sufficiently to leave this to the dustbin of history. For the time being, humans have created a great risk for themselves and this has always been aided and abetted by the darkness as well. It is in response to the darkness that these weapons were sought, but everything in one way or another ends up serving them because they see to this.

The divine realm understands the game they play, and we have moves of our own we can bring to bear. This is the reason why humanity has survived all this time. It has gotten more difficult rather than less difficult for humans to be annihilated wholesale without loss of the planet itself. And this is because the divine realm throughout the ages has been holding things in check to prevent a wholesale destruction. Humanity has been annihilated before, so this is truly nothing new. It may well happen again. The survival of the soul is not in question. Humanity will go on in the higher dimensions but not in the physical, unless the entire enterprise is started over. We do not wish to see that happen, given the tremendous investment by all of the beings taking part over millennia in the advent of physical human and seeing to its slow and very tortuous path of progress.

It has led you to a point where there can now be a breakthrough once and for all to overturn the greatest of hindrances and the dark influences that corrupt humanity and hold you back. If this happens. things can develop very, very quickly into a glorious expansion that is been long envisioned and long promised. It will not happen on its own. It will happen when humans create the possibility and foster a tipping point in the energies to allow this to proceed more rapidly. At the moment there is a kind of static tug of war taking place to keep the humans constrained. And so things are in a state of relative balance but not without great turmoil at the same time. It is because of all of the negative forces ramping up to worsen things that the progress has not been greater.

So the fact that humans are still here and prevail is a testament to their divinity because even with all of the energy being ramped up by the darkness, humans are still standing strong. This can change and is up to human to see to. Those who are open to our message and add their light to ours in a purposeful way will be doing what they truly came here to do. It is all we ask of humans—to shine their light and to invite us to assist in the future enhancement. It cannot be done with human candlepower alone. This is a great falsehood being spread throughout the spiritual community, that humans can co-create their way to an ascended existence and will reach their destiny simply by watching and waiting.

This is a grave mistake and is a disinformation campaign to disempower human and to prevent that very actuality. It is within your control by only asking us to join in. That is no sacrifice. That is only adding an additional friend, so it is not taking away from you in any respect. It is only adding to you and your power and your reach because you are of us and you are from us and there is no loss to you in that realization. It is only a gain for you, it is only a restoration of awareness that has been taken from you. We wish to give that back to you, but it is for you to make that choice, to engage.