DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolDoes the system in place from your creation allow people to vote for humanity’s future by requesting broad healing as many times as they choose, provided there is a new Protocol session with sincere intention behind it done with each request for healing? Can someone do multiple sessions every day, requesting it be implemented by divine realm in increments to heal all humans and their perpetrators?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Yes, this can be done multiple times per day, and this as well, is the necessary requisite to have healing enacted through the request—there must be a renewed request with intention behind it listing the things desired to happen. That may seem like busy work, but in fact is the way intention is built—it is through spending the time to go through the list of needs and to focus on the witnessing, at least through giving it a short time interval to be acted on before proceeding to the next step. All of this process of implementing the Protocol by the practitioner, is taking a segment of time and effort to focus intently on the Protocol and its delivery. This is putting the intention in place, and every moment spent, and the inclusion of all the steps, will ensure there is a body of intention created with each new request for healing.

So this can indeed be done over and over for the same target group, including all of humanity and their various allied activities, including the locations they spend time at, their lost soul spirit cohort of relatives who have passed, and all animal companions experienced down through time in the current life, and moving forward in perpetuity. The only requirement from human side is that each renewed request be primed with an application of the Protocol personally, to create the intention for the execution.

So each renewed session will join those being done by other practitioners, and this is another way to amplify the total number of requests being enacted, in addition to teaching new Lightworker Healing Protocol students. Each student will make an impact by doing multiple sessions, and in fact can do general requests like this as often as they desire because it will contribute substantially to the overall effort, as many, many sessions will be needed for full healing of the population. So the more requests are made, the more sessions can be completed in a shorter interval of time and this will speed things up in a way quite advantageous for the task at hand, which in the most immediate need is to do sufficient healing that the interlopers subjugating humanity can be dissuaded from carrying out their plans for human annihilation and withdraw, to be followed by the further healing of all humans to return them to a full state of enlightened well-being suitable for the final ascension into a higher dimension.