DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionFew things are more galling than hypocrisy in politics. It’s so bad that one might be tempted to think that politics IS hypocrisy. Is hypocrisy in politics inevitable? Are we naive in expecting politicians NOT to be this way?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

The reality of your world is that politics breeds hypocrisy and hypocritical leaders because your world is corrupt, and those allowed into the corridors of power become corrupted to get there and to stay there, both. It is typically the most ruthless, the most hypocritical among you, and frankly many who are sociopaths, but almost universally extreme narcissists, who can survive the rough and tumble world of politics because they might even enjoy the jousting, being insensitive and self-serving with a high degree of entitlement and inflated egos to make them feel the most worthy and privileged. This imbues them with great self-confidence and projecting that makes them appear to be a very strong and effective leader and this fools many people.

In actuality, it is worse than that because the world is controlled by interlopers and only those who can be manipulated in turn by the interlopers are allowed to be successful in politics, for the most part, unless there is an unusual degree of divine protection in place for a candidate who might get elected by being in divine alignment and having enough popular support from those who share those attributes. This is getting more and more rare with the level of corruption now the order of the day in your world. Many political leaders are frank sociopaths. This makes them highly manipulatable because they have no compunction to take any particular stance that might be called upon, even one that is inimical to the interests of the public, if it is made to seem like it serves the politician, they will do it because they are selfish individuals and hypocritical in their dealings with the press and public—they can lie with ease and switch positions with breathtaking ease.

The very nature of politics is a kind of game to see what they can get away with. Even the names of the bills passed through congress are the opposite of what they are designed to do in their titles. This is an ultimate hypocrisy on a grand scale done under the noses of the public and the so-called watchdogs of the press who themselves are hypocrites because they are divided along the lines of political parties they support, and rather than being watchdogs, they are advocates for their own party and attack dogs against the opposite party. It is the people who are the losers always because the system is designed to serve the political parties and the politicians, to make them rich and powerful in the bargain. They simply do not care about the country or the people they purport to serve. This, too, is an extreme hypocrisy that cheapens everything and this is why they are part of a system that most of the time is in gridlock and nothing gets done of any value. The legislation that gets passed is primarily intended as a payback to special interests who have donated to their political campaigns.

We do not enjoy presenting such a cynical perspective, but this is the reality of today’s world all around the globe. The interlopers are all sociopaths, whether dark spirit meddlers attached to and corrupting people from within or the physical extraterrestrials who manipulate humanity and truly run the world through a hidden cabal, they in fact enjoy undermining everything worthwhile that humans might seek to accomplish. This loads the dice against the betterment of humanity because only the hypocritical, self‑serving, corrupt legislative proposals have a chance of being voted into law. That mass hypocrisy is in essence an apt description for the highly successful strategy of the interlopers to “divide and conquer.” This they do by getting humans to identify with one of many warring factions. This will require much hypocritical thinking and behavior but is done with little self-reflection because it is manipulated to happen through mind control. So all will be lining up with what are likely narrow and self-serving vested interests while maintaining a hypocritical stance that they are there to help the country advance and serve the people. This is a prescription for continued debasement and degradation of the quality of life and the future survival of humanity.