DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionWe know the interlopers are too far gone to save themselves and need human rescue in partnership with the divine in order to have a future. Just as “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single footstep,” might the road back from depravity begin with a simple longing: “Wouldn’t it be NICE, if we were less hypocritical?” Do any Extraterrestrial Alliance members today have these thoughts? When healing begins, will this be the first sign of progress?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This is a perceptive analysis, that the ability to see the problem is often the first step towards its resolution. For the most part, humanity as a whole is blind to the reality they are being manipulated by external forces of darkness that are wholly depraved in their makeup and their intentions, and are imparting that to the human realm through their manipulations and this manipulation is growing more successful by the day. Someone must have a moment of clarity and call into question the illogical nature of the ongoing hypocrisies, and in seeing something that makes little sense and calling it into question is pointing towards a potential betterment—that is possible to see happen if appropriate action is taken.

So that, indeed, is how things will begin to turn around when there is more and more of an awakening, individually and collectively, among people who come to realize how bad things truly have become and decide “enough is enough” and then begin to speak out against the hypocrisy and demand a tangible course of action from their leadership to change things for the better in a meaningful way, and not a superficial way that is basically another hypocrisy. Most so-called solutions are a surface-level window dressing that might spend a lot of money but accomplish little that is of true value, and will not change the status quo, and may in fact make it worse. There needs to be a deeper insight that helps people to have a clearer view of a divine perspective to sort out what is right and what is truly wrong. Even though the latter might be a well-entrenched ideology or custom, if it is not working, it may need to be questioned and something new and different put into motion.

The unfortunate reality is such changes are needed across the board throughout society on every level and within every human institution because all human institutions are deeply flawed and heavily corrupted, all of which is covered up with layers of hypocrisy that maintains the illusion that society is working and even advancing when in fact the opposite is the case. The trappings of civilization are a trap—the seemingly greater power and reach provided through your technologies are at the same time a disempowerment by making you dependent on a cyberinfrastructure that is quite fragile and can easily be disrupted or corrupted so that everything could collapse at once and leave humanity helpless. The many, many problems will need many, many solutions, and only by peeling away the hypocrisy keeping them in place can this have a chance of happening on any kind of meaningful scale.