DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsGiven the high degree of manipulation making so many people believe in the false notion of Russian collusion swaying the presidential race in 2016, we feel it is necessary to ask, were there any genuine Russian attempts to interfere with our democracy or, “hack the election” as initially reported to have occurred by the media, and with multiple U.S. government intelligence agencies claiming this was so? Was this perhaps a false flag operation by the U.S. intelligence agencies themselves or some other source to blame the Russians and thereby stir up trouble and create conditions ideal to launch a witch hunt?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

As strange as it will seem to many, this entire episode is a total invention. There were things done to manipulate websites and create disinformation campaigns, but these were not done by Russian sources, they were done by the U.S. intelligence agencies, and are the result of propaganda as an intrusion and manipulation coming from the Extraterrestrial Alliance to alter thinking and create cover stories, and to maintain secrecy at the highest levels as well.

There are many mischievous manipulations of the Internet that are clearly hacking, in one form or another, and are often due to deep state operatives jockeying for power and control of things, and to create a desired end result, for example, social unrest and to stir up passions between warring factions on an international scale. This is how they can get wars going ultimately, when there have been enough things happen with trading insults and having a series of wounds inflicted on one’s economy, for instance. This can become a rationale for an aggressive response that can quickly escalate and start a shooting war under the right circumstances.

In this instance, the entire point of the exercise was to disrupt American Politics, but to serve the deep state, and not Russia. As has happened through a long period of recent history, Russia has become an enemy of the U.S. in the minds and hearts of the citizens, and anything associated with Russia will be viewed with suspicion, and the reputation created that they are reprehensible, underhanded, untrustworthy, self-serving, and evil, makes them an easy scapegoat for all kinds of political folly. Anything that the U.S. government is doing to manipulate world leaders and economic forces that fails, or backfires in some way, can be most easily managed if it is blamed on the Russians. To most people, this would seem a much more wildly improbable scenario than Russian collusion with the U.S. presidential candidate, even though we see that as the unlikeliest of scenarios because of this history and the risk of the secret being revealed, which would be almost certain to happen. It would constitute too powerful a blackmail weapon to use against the sitting president and his administration, so it would be the height of folly to gain power under such circumstances because it would at once weaken the administration drastically in being vulnerable to blackmail.

This simply never happened. It was an entire fabrication from first to last, done for political purposes to create suspicion and hatred between the two main political parties and their followers, and the ultimate aim was to provide a rationale for attributing the surprise presidential election result to a sinister manipulation by humans, and not by the Extraterrestrial Alliance, which actually was the case, as Hilary Clinton would have become president if the hidden cabal had not thrown the election to Trump. This was done without his knowledge or participation, and because of the unexpected nature of what happened, further mind control manipulation was done to obfuscate the events and create a plausible scapegoat to blame. Because the programming was so intensive and complete on a wide scale, this is the reason the belief is so well entrenched and people will simply not change their views even though they have proven to not be substantiated in blaming Trump and a Russian collusion for his presidential victory.