DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingHere’s a tale of two auto accidents: Both drivers end up in intensive care with multiple broken bones and internal injuries that nearly take the life of both. Imagine both have precisely the same injuries. One is back on the road in three months, and the other never drives again, and even has panic attacks when riding as a passenger. So while both sustained the same physical injuries from identical accidents, they differ in terms of developing long-term trauma. One essentially brushes the whole thing off as “no big deal” and the other is severely traumatized to the point of post-traumatic stress disorder. Can we assume from the identical injuries, that similar karma was the reason for the accidents in the first place? Can Creator predict (given the question is hypothetical) the likely karmic future of both individuals absent a divine healing intervention?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

You are truly comparing apples and oranges. You want to see two identical humans subjected to differing conditions, when in fact, the very existence of souls is a non‑identical construct. No two people are identical to begin with, so even if they find themselves in seemingly identical circumstances with identical consequences, that is not necessarily the full picture at all. One might have greater vulnerability but fewer karmic liabilities and ends up in a similar condition following an accident, compared to another person who has a different makeup and a different history but taken together, all the variables make the individuals look identical on the surface. So we can tell you that appearances are rarely what they seem to be, there are always deeper layers and deeper elements. The ability to weather a crisis can be a soul characteristic that favors one person over another and is not a consequence of weakness per se or greater karmic liabilities in their history that makes them more vulnerable, they are simply a more gentle soul with less resilience to being perturbed in various ways.

This is a trade-off in soul characteristics. Many times the gentler feelings and sensitivity that make a soul-based being especially valuable and effective as a friend and companion might work against them in a tough setting, where there is a tremendous challenge to them requiring great courage, presence of mind, endurance, and stamina to weather the storm, so to speak. On the other hand, the greatest differences among people are a consequence of the karmic battering that ends up eroding confidence, eroding strength and resilience, as well as stamina, because the sum total of karma is at work always and will determine the ongoing functional status and proficiency of a person. So they are not neutral at the start of any particular period of inspection, they have a history that put them together and helped patch them together all along the way, in the many ups and downs of other incarnations and the sum total of the life lived heretofore, prior to the onset of the inspection window framing your question.

Once an injury happens, it can be physical, emotional, or both. Usually, it is both on some level, although the emotional might not be perceived from the outside observers’ perspective because it is not so apparent as bruises, torn ligaments, broken bones, lacerations, and so on. So in your example, the individual who becomes petrified having to face driving once they recover from the physical trauma may well be someone who is more vulnerable because of prior karmic traumas making them particularly sensitive to having a physical threat to their existence like this occur. They may have been subjected to multiple severe traumatic injuries in any number of ways in other lifetimes that may or may not have been healed, in cases when the person may have remained physically impaired for life or was killed in the course of the trauma. But even with full recovery, it is less likely that the emotional trauma of the event was healed successfully.

People are not well-equipped for that to happen. There is disconnection from the divine realm, which can support healing, as well as a disconnect within the person’s own mind leaving the deep subconscious on its own, and that leaves much undone because help is not given from the higher intellect. And so, the deep subconscious flounders on its own and rarely receives healing help or effective healing for its own wounds and is carrying the burden of the whole being. It tries to contain this and keep the lid on, so to speak, but eventually, things will likely boil over, and that is a perfect setup for a subsequent trauma of a similar nature, to cause all hell to break loose in causing an emotional meltdown, and like the subject of your question, becoming traumatized and then having PTSD, suffering the chronic impairment that does not resolve on its own. So given all of these varying backdrops and variables in play, the key lesson to take from all this is that: “Healing is serious business and it has often failed to occur throughout history—all are walking wounded as a consequence.”

So whenever there is adversity, a person’s reaction will be, in part, a reaction to all that has come before, so the consequences and outcome will be highly unpredictable even to the individuals themselves. They may not know they have an inner vulnerability waiting to be re-triggered. It is like having a minefield that one is walking through daily—one cannot see the landmines and may have great apprehension about the possibility of a misstep causing something to blow up, but must simply soldier on, never knowing where and when such a thing might happen. Healing is always the answer; it can repair the past karmic vulnerabilities as well as help protect the person going forward, from future difficulties. Healing is key and it is the missing element in all of human history that would have changed the destiny of humanity long before now, but it is not too late if there is a broader appreciation of the advent of the Lightworker Healing Protocol to help people make up for lost time, to heal their traumas.