DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialHow are souls created from God, and does each soul group have a specific purpose/desire when created?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This we must confess to you is beyond human ability to understand. The energetics are too complex and there are no words within your understanding or language to convey much about the process itself. If you think about the vastness of the universe and everything within it as being an aspect of consciousness in some form, this will point you to a better understanding of the origin of the soul and how it can exist as an entity but yet be part of something grander. The humans, in total, to a person—are all extensions of Creator’s consciousness. You were made to be a part of Creator and this was a deliberate construction and creation from first to last. It was not an evolutionary process—it was an act of creation that brought you into being. You were in existence, for a large portion of humanity, prior to the existence of the current physical universe. So you can dismiss the concept of evolution entirely from the discussion here because as an evolutionary process within a physical universe this is a late arrival on the scene with regard to many, many of the older souls. There have been some newer souls created along the way and these are always brought into being as an expansion of possibilities. So the creation of each individual soul is decided and shaped into being according to a desire for a very broad expression of possibilities. So within each soul, there are many, many overlapping and shared features.

This creates a unity of understanding and a unity of involvement and a sharing of an awareness of existence and the purpose for life itself and many, many shared experiences and activities joined in unison to accomplish and expand the horizons further. This is because of the shared characteristics that people have an affinity to one another. The uniqueness allows their individuality and each person is unique in the mix of influences and attributes. There are many differences among people with regard to their native abilities, their talents, their inclinations, their likes and dislikes and on and on. That is, in part, culturally shaped and genetically shaped as well, through the ancestral lineage but also through the broader heritage of the soul creation events themselves. Individual souls were created as aspects of soul groupings and this was for the purpose of creating a very broad and quite varied array of intelligent life.

There are cohorts that have existed as planetary based beings in physical environments, as well as many beings in higher dimensions through a broad interpenetrating series of dimensional realms that have an interplay with one another to some extent but also have their own realms and their own histories and the shared experiences of the beings belonging to those domains. So the broad purpose is variety and the broadest possible expression of possibility for growth, for the spreading of love, to see what can be made of it and from it and with it, in all respects. This is a much broader tapestry than you can appreciate from the human perspective but pertains to you individually and collectively as well. You are making of humanity what you bring to the task and this is the inherent soul characteristics you enjoy from the moment of creation. Your shared human pool of fellow travelers have been brought together at this point in time in common purpose to further the cause of physical human. This is yet another chapter in the unfolding of life from this broad soul origin.

If you think about the soul as something akin to a fine gemstone, having many, many facets, each one catching the light and reflecting outward a different frequency, a different color, a different shade and intensity as well, this gives you a physical metaphor to help appreciate the dimensionality and the complexity of the soul existence. It is multivariate. It encompasses many thousands of attributes and characteristics, some of which are applicable to your current physical state of existence and many which are not in expression because they are not suitable and compatible with the current energetics. The soul is much, much vaster than the person. It is not a concept or idea—it is a physical reality that exists energetically—with a depth and a richness of energies that is beyond human comprehension. It can create on its own and it does so. This is part of who you are as divine human. You have within you the inherent creative capability of the divine and are a divine expression in all ways.

The human is every bit as sacred and special as Creator, but you have a much more limited perspective and that is a consequence of the fragmentation being a projection of your soul and not your entire soul being and awareness. You are, in a sense, an explorer on a journey to a strange land and learning how to navigate and explore the terrain and to cope and learn to survive under the local conditions of weather and other environmental pressures. This is the undertaking of physicality and is serving you greatly to expand your repertoire of possibilities. And so, this is the broad canvas.

The soul collectives are sub‑groupings of souls created with commonalities and this creates the inherent affinity. So when there is a sizable project to undertake, it is the members of the broad soul collective who will band together and will volunteer to serve in the expansion. This is what has brought the humans together at this point in time on your planet. The broad soul collective of humanity is one such broad soul group. There are many because there are many cultures and many civilizations. But you do have much more in common with your fellow humans of all sizes and shapes and colors and languages and countries of origin than you would think, based on all of these physical trappings and their apparent differences. They are trivial. The reality is—you are all members of one family, and this will serve you greatly to embrace and shape your perspectives accordingly.