DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialWhat is the purpose of human incarnation?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

The incarnation of humanity is to serve the expansion into the physical realm of the divine human. You were created to be an extension of Creator in a bold, new way—to have freedoms that have not been possible previously by any living organism. All has heretofore been under the control of Creator, ultimately, and the latitude enjoyed by each being has been constrained by the need to be in alignment with Creator’s ideals and perspectives. The human has been created as a projection with free will and free agency in a total and absolute sense. This is a bold, new undertaking and brings with it tremendous responsibility as well as opportunity. This is your chance to shine, your chance to grow and prevail and to even become a creator of worlds. This is unprecedented and will have a glorious future. We see this being crystallized in the future time domain, but it is still uncertain as to its ultimate expression and even its arriving into a reality on schedule or delayed. It can be thwarted altogether.

This is the purpose of incarnation—to assist with the project at hand. It is one of growth, expansion and overcoming the opposition that is mounted to hold you back in this quest. You are working against forces that wish to subjugate you. This has been done through the ages to diminish your reach and to keep you subjugated by other races of beings for purposes of their own, to serve selfish aims and this has hindered the process. All who come down are choosing to enter this fray and be of service to the light in some way, to keep things going, to keep hope alive and to contribute to the overthrow of the oppressors. This is not an easy task and it results in much personal sacrifice and injury to the being, all of which creates burdens for those taking part.

It is the nature of reality that everything comes with consequences and can exact a penalty as well if things do not go well. And so, many have been hurt and come back wounded from their adventures and will need to do much healing. This is the plight of human at present where the healing needs are almost too great to allow a normal life. It need not be this way. If people engage with us and request healing assistance there is more that can be done, more that can be offered. This is not an easy existence nor a friendly world. It can be supportive and enjoyable for many. Those are the lucky ones. Most humans are in struggle, and are in conflict, and are suffering from their own overseers who have been manipulated and subjugated to not serve them but to serve the hidden hand. So no one comes down who is not a warrior for the light. This does not mean all are equally strong, equally adept at fighting the powers that be.

Many are still licking their wounds from prior lifetimes of difficulty and will be caught up again in those struggles and will fall by the wayside even, because the energies overwhelm them very quickly. It is unfortunate that few are given the knowledge and awareness of the means for healing of their karmic burdens. This is the next great wave of insight that is poised to spread more widely—the means of true healing, which have been denied for many, many centuries. There are many paths to healing, many tools available, many means to accomplish this but there needs to be further insight, awareness, and refinement in using these tools, all of which will help the cause.

So we applaud each and every person who is here in the physical. You are all special and you are all heroic in taking on this challenge. The rewards will be very, very great—the risks are equally great. So the uncertainty remains as to how things will proceed, whether they will go well, whether they will be a disaster in the near term and cause more suffering. So this is up to the human to see to and we are here to help shed light on this and give you the reassurance that if you partner with us you will have the benefit of support and guidance because it is our desire to see success of this human enterprise to catapult you into a glorious future.