DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsHow can we tell that we have connected with Creator in different states of consciousness and not an imposter? Is there a feeling that we get? Is there a sign that we must look out for? How can we really know?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This is one of the toughest of challenges. Keep in mind that the interlopers know humans backwards and forwards. They understand you, they know what makes you tick, so to speak. They know your hopes and dreams, your hearts’ desires, your longings for better worlds and for a connection of some kind with something greater than yourself. They have followed human and human spiritual outreach through the millennia. They do not believe in Creator themselves, but they understand you DO believe and you DO wish to have an interaction. This gives them an easy entrée because they can step in as an impostor and begin a dialogue with people and most channelers start out without thoughts of safety and quickly fall prey to such manipulation.

The ability to connect with certainty and with precision and with accuracy is the most demanding of the intuitive exercises. There are many reasons for this. The first is—there must be a very, very high level of belief in oneself, as well as belief in the divine. Humanity has been programmed with disinformation for so long that the divine realm is ruled by a jealous and angry God who will punish any misdeed or any errant thought, any selfish notion, any wavering from a true spiritual path of self-sacrifice and so on, that at this point most tremble at the thought of God’s presence and will have difficulty reaching out to the highest of levels as a consequence.

This is unfortunate, but it is understandable given this legacy. There are many, many inner negative beliefs people carry about God and about the self and if they were to probe these, would find many conflicting inner beliefs that are portions of their mind feeling unworthy still, feeling that they have already been judged and condemned. Keep in mind most humans alive at the present time have been killed in past lifetimes for doing intuitive work of one kind or another. It got them killed, it got them tortured. People were imprisoned, starved, tortured in horrific ways over and over and over again, all as a consequence of their desire to connect with the divine.

Given this heritage, it is only to be expected that choosing to reach out, even today, in a new incarnation and connect with the divine will meet with inner resistance because the inner conflict will commence immediately with the notion of doing such an outreach. There are many who have great difficulty even connecting intuitively with information at arm’s length from the divine because it is viewed as putting them at high risk. This is something that has a long and rich history that proved to be true over and over and over again and so this is not as straightforward as it would seem on its surface. It is not simply choosing to have a conversation and then doing the outreach and introduction and the handshake, so to speak. There is a long history of tragedy that has befallen all who have done this in the past.

Sooner or later those who are successful come under higher scrutiny by the powers that be, and they become a target and are singled out for some kind of action to minimize their influence on other humans. This has been the past history and will be the history again. The reason there are so many intuitives out and about is that most are engaging in hand-holding exercises and make‑work projects of various kinds that have little actual influence on the powers that be and so they are not truly stirring up trouble and are seen as simply deluding themselves and are left alone or even encouraged. This is why there are so many impostors engaging with channelers. It keeps them occupied and out of mischief and they will be fed spiritual principles that have been promulgated down through the ages and served up in a new context with a fresh reworking and so on. So this is something that must be done with due regard to safety and stability and to do when one is truly ready and knows what they are wanting to happen and thinking through the consequences as well. It is not for the faint of heart.

The question of fear is always an element that will jeopardize the communication. It is not that they will be summarily attacked. It is that they will attack themselves from within as a self‑protective maneuver. This is simply the mind wanting to help the being survive and is part of the natural order of events for the subconscious—to protect the integrity and to not take risks. All of these complications will rise to the surface rather quickly when one sets about to do an intuitive outreach. If there is a naive outreach that engages with an impostor there will be reassurances given on a subconscious level to create a state of complacency with the intuitive and then things will appear to be very smooth and unhindered. This is likely to be a false reassurance.

So we are saying this is not a simple undertaking with a straightforward set of guidelines—for each person is unique, each person has differing vulnerabilities, differing strengths and differing abilities to connect intuitively to the higher reaches. There are many constraints from the divine realm as well. There must be a very high purpose for the communication to occur in the first place. Many who reach out are simply not answered because it is not highest and best to do so. If the information would not be used wisely then the divine realm cannot engage and contribute to human folly. So there are many, many constraints and few clear answers. This is why this whole enterprise is so very challenging.

The number one problem faced by each and every human being is knowing whom to trust and who cannot be trusted. This applies at all levels of the physical as well as the supernatural reaches. It is not really a different problem but only one of the energetics involved. It gets harder when the being in question is unseen because you have no feeling for their origin or their true nature. You are traveling blind, so to speak, so we can only suggest that each person doing an outreach goes first to divine realm to engage with us, to ask for safety around the work, to ask to be connected by the divine realm and not to do so unilaterally. This will also increase the likelihood of an accurate connection but is no guarantee. If you are reaching out to divine realm but engaging with an impostor, the impostor will gladly connect you to itself or to a compatriot and then you will be living a falsehood and will have great difficulty in discerning this, until such time as the information begins to lead you astray and you begin to have doubts and second‑guess what is happening. This is a very, very slippery slope and is probably the hardest and most demanding undertaking one can engage with.