DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlIt was stated in a previous Viewer Questions with Creator that the way malevolent ETs get us to obey or to be mind controlled is through our subconscious. Are there any practical tools for humans to prevent this from happening and does it have to be done subconsciously such as in meditation, using hypnotherapy – being in a theta wave brain state or by the use of subliminal messaging?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

All of the tools used by humans to help them connect to the deeper levels of the subconscious are gateways to the higher realms as well.  So we would not wish to take away any useful means through which people can connect with the Divine. At the same time, it is important to recognize that the subconscious is the playground of the hidden forces working against humanity. Humans have been partially disconnected from the deep subconscious and this allows the extraterrestrials to talk with each person and work with their mind directly to program them, to fill them with disinformation, to give them false suggestions, false interpretations of even events in the news that have been reported and on and on. This body of false teachings then is incorporated into beliefs by the person themselves. This is the insidious nature of the manipulation going on. The subliminal messages bombarding humans through all of the electronic media are yet another means to impart information subconsciously and this is aided with other technologies—a nanotechnology of multiple types to transduce signals into information directly into the mind—to bypass the ability to ponder and reason.

This accomplishes the goal of having people who are, in effect, more robotic in some ways than normal because they are preprogrammed with beliefs and knowledge that is false. So this is the backdrop and you are on track here in wanting to understand and to safeguard your own mind and keep the manipulation at a distance. This can be done through divine help and is the best and most effective way to do so. If you work on your own, you will be on your own. And when you meditate what you are doing is creating, in effect, a vacuum and that will want to be filled. It might be filled by your own subconscious bringing to you preprogrammed information and disinformation as well. It might be filled by the divine if you reach out to the divine with a request as you meditate. This is your choice. You will receive what it is you are requesting. If you direct your thoughts outward in meditation to commune with the planet or with a broader consciousness—but ill‑defined—you will get whatever source of control is monitoring things and will use that opportunity to swoop in and engage with you and then begin a process of handholding that will likely never stop.

For most people, it is already too late to prevent such a partnership as most people are being minded at the present time. They have a regular minder who interacts with them, gives them information, programming instructions and disinformation of many kinds to create turmoil within, to create doubt, to sow discord and to be a source of confusion and disinformation—to make each person, in a sense, a gear, an obstacle to smooth running of the human enterprise.

This serves the hidden hand because they do not want the world to run smoothly. They want more discord and disarray. They want there to be fear. They want people hating others and finding causes to rally around and to ramp up the discord, to grow into hatred and if it all possible translate it into violence as well. So there are no easy answers to your question here because you, in many ways, will be putty in their hands in doing an outreach, unless you ask for safety from the divine. This is what we recommend to all doing any intuitive outreach, including simple meditation for purposes of gaining some inner calm and peace and stirring inner creativity. If you reach out to Creator and ask for protection and safety during the interval this will go a long way to keeping the intruders at bay because if you ask us to act on your behalf we then can do so.

Otherwise, we must stand and watch as you flounder about and engage with the wrong voices at times and then come under increased influence and subjugation. Those still capable of asking these questions are still unfettered and free agents. This is a precious commodity and we very much wish to support anyone who wants to have an uncluttered mind and to be truly free in their thoughts and actions. If you reach out to us we will do our best to keep you safe. If you choose to stand strong and do not give in to fear, this can happen, and you can ride the waves and prevail. It is very much worth striving for and it is the hope of humanity altogether that enough people will stand strong and remain pure in heart and mind and can then be a force for good.