DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaAmong the race of the Anunnaki, do they all have this dark agenda? Who are, and where do, Anu, Enlil and Enki fit into this?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

The Anunnaki, across the board, are loyal to their own race. They are physical extraterrestrials and they are a predatory race of beings. They have invaded many worlds and subjugated them and created slaves among those subjugated. This is true of humanity as well. They ruled openly for a time on the Earth and then others joined in a hidden alliance, working together in concert for subjugation of humanity and in sharing the spoils, so to speak. The Anunnaki were the first to be here and continue to be present and view the Earth as belonging entirely to them. They have allowed the other interlopers to join in the fun for tactical reasons only, not because they are willing to share or are generous. They are totally selfish and self-serving beings, and this is true of the other extraterrestrial races here as well. They each have their own personal and selfish agendas and are cooperating only to the extent that they envision a future benefit for themselves.

The Anunnaki have the greatest measure of control. Their technology is superior, and they have infiltrated to the greatest degree in having interbred with human down through the ages. These offspring are aware of their Anunnaki origins and they serve the Anunnaki, so they are not reliable stewards of human institution or culture. They are essentially traitors in your midst. This is yet another complication—that there are multiple extraterrestrial races, each with designs on the planet itself and having varying perspectives and agendas with regard to physical humans who are present. The Anunnaki are ruled by Anu, who is the supreme ruler and they are here in force as an extension of this heritage, not in great physical numbers, but they do not need to be.

They are giant beings in comparison to human stature, so they cannot blend in with humanity and must remain in a covert, hidden presence. They work through their human hybrid lineage and they use the Extraterrestrial Alliance as the worker bees, so to speak, to create problems throughout human culture in fomenting discord, disarray, crime, war, terrorism and the subjugation of human growth and learning through corrupt institutions of learning and impaired human services—the healthcare system being a premier example—being held back in true progress, in understanding and treating illness. They create all sorts of complications for humans through imposition of extraterrestrial technologies. The list is quite lengthy, and most forms of human torment are the result of extraterrestrial manipulation of the environment itself or humans directly through mind control manipulation and the control of government institutions and the military.

So the rulership stems from the Anunnaki as the most powerful, and under Anu are three offspring who have been granted the power over the earth plane. These beings have served as rulers down through history. They have had difficulty in accommodating to one another in a peaceful fashion because of their corrupt nature. So rather than being advanced beings as assumed by most people, in being a much older extraterrestrial civilization that has achieved tremendous technological capabilities and is still in existence billions of years from their inception, they have not progressed but have in fact regressed—and the reason is—their abandonment of the partnership with the divine realm. This is owing to corruption by the fallen angelics who have infested multiple races of beings including humanity.

They turn everyone against the light because they themselves fear the light and they work to cause problems and undermine morality because it serves them to create discordant energy. And they are only able to exist at this point as parasites drawing energy from the living. So these dark spirits, by infesting the Anunnaki, have darkened them to the point where they are functionally sociopaths that are devoid of conscience and do not have an ability to have love and compassion. They understand the concepts. They witness it expressed by humans but do not feel it themselves. This is who you deal with among the extraterrestrials. They are all, for practical purposes, in that same extreme of spiritual disconnection and that is what the plight of the sociopath truly represents. It is a spiritual dilemma. It is a disconnection from the higher self within the divine realm that is the seat of conscience, the gateway to all that is.

The flow of love from Creator is diminished and that results in impairment of their own ability to feel loving thoughts or to have a regard for others that is not totally self-centered and self-motivated. These beings wishing to control humanity among the offspring of Anu, each have their personal idiosyncrasies and their own personal likes and dislikes. And the current situation facing humanity is that because of the squabbling among the siblings they have been forced into taking turns with their rulership and the current ruler, the female among the offspring, is handing over the reins to one of the brothers. This is going to shift the focus and the energies for the worse. This is the reason for the current outreach that is being supported through the channel you are listening to. The awareness of the Anunnaki presence and the Extraterrestrial Alliance is widespread, but few have a true understanding of its menace and its reach. It is pervasive, it is comprehensive, and it is wholly unopposed. The only opposition to their plans is that of a handful of humans who see through the subterfuge of the propaganda and disinformation that is present universally in all the media. In addition, the dark spirits working as parasites within most humans contribute to the ignorance and to fomenting useful discordant propaganda to stir up trouble and misdirection.

Your problem is not with fellow humans of differing ideology, religion, cultural beliefs or racial heritage. Your problem is with other types of beings interfering with you—the dark spirit parasites and the physical extraterrestrials who are belonging to this alliance. The plan at hand includes the potential annihilation of humans altogether. We are not mincing words here because it is time to wake people up. We can no longer be gentle—that is the disinformation campaign that currently reigns supreme—the focus on creating a better world, to looking forward to the ascension of humanity as an inevitability, perhaps aided by some benevolent extraterrestrials serving as guides and guardians and helping us with some tutorials along the way and so forth. These are all wishful thinking and are not a reality.

This is entirely a disinformation campaign from first to last. There are benevolent extraterrestrials cheering you on, but they are not here on the planet and they are not going to be here on the planet. Humans must make this work. Humans must provide their own solution. Your best friend in this is the divine realm. You need not stop or change anything you are doing if it makes you feel good and makes you feel that you are contributing. Keeping your own vibration up is a good idea and worth cultivating. Helping your compatriots to stand strong, to feel positive about life and about their future is not wasted effort either, but somewhere in the mix, there is a need to understand the severity of the threat that is present here. And to engage with the divine realm as an answer takes away nothing from other human endeavors.

It does not involve you directly. It involves you indirectly as the requester but then it is up to the divine to devise a strategy to soften the hearts of the interlopers and to change the direction of the future reality unfolding here. This, humans cannot do by themselves and so as you are looking for comfort and reassurance and wanting to see the better world unfold before you, if you simply ask the divine to help that come about, you will be factoring in the more difficult part of the equation and enlisting the very best tool to assist you in this. So, this is the current landscape and the major players involved. There are multiple extraterrestrial physical beings here, none of whom are friendly. All are working together as part of a dark Extraterrestrial Alliance and cannot be trusted to be your friend or to assist humanity. This is the truth of things.

There are many in higher dimensions among beings who are cheering for the success of the divine human enterprise, but they cannot come in as saviors because that would throw the race and that would be a failing then of the entire enterprise for you to prove your worth and to prove your ability, to surmount even this level of difficulty. It is within your capability and within your reach as divine humans. You have the advantage—those of you who still believe in the power of the divine. The extraterrestrials do not. They are living and working entirely on their own and are not supported by Creator and so you can enlist our help and, in that way, prevail. It is your choice and for you to see to.