DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesHow effective is the Spiritual Response Technique for helping people with their life issues?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

There are two levels of concern here about effectiveness. The first is the ability of people to use divination with accuracy that is representing truly a communication from the higher self or other higher trusted source that is within the divine realm. That will not be universally successful by all who attempt to learn the technique. But as applied by someone proficient in receiving accurate information with the screening process carried out, as a way to map things out of alignment and restructure a person to better address things, will have a benefit. It is not truly deep healing but more diagnostic in its reach. But that is of value because it will help people set the proper intention for improving their lives and that is a good beginning and a perfect platform for requesting divine support and intervention through prayer, to help a person work on their goals to overcome things holding them back. So this has usefulness. It is just not a deep answer for most individuals who have an extensive backlog of unhealed karmic trauma. Identifying general characteristics and deficiencies does not give the divine realm sufficient detail to do a comprehensive and deep healing for all the underlying causes and influences, particularly across multiple time domains, because the human intention will be more general and vague and that will restrict the divine response accordingly.