DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersThe fact humanity has so much history utterly lost to most of us, suggests something sinister is responsible. Can Creator share with us how Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol will bring about the healing needed to resolve the “real problem” behind our lost and forgotten history, and perhaps eventually even restore knowledge of that history in great detail?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is the question of your time, and a question for all time, because the future of the universe may well depend on how humans answer the call to action you are creating through your explorations and discoveries, to see the nature of what you face as a world of divine human beings, an extension of Creator after all, and representing the highest of attributes and ideals that could be a model for everything everywhere, but that is only to the extent it remains uncorrupted and in divine alignment as an enterprise. The test underway, in the vast experiment that has happened all through the history of your entire galaxy, has been to explore the idea of whether, given greater latitude from oversight by the Law of Karma, to quickly punish any misguided thinking or wrongdoing or misalignment, this could give rise to evil, a growing selfishness, and that greater latitude used to serve the ego in an unhealthy and destructive way.

Unfortunately, that has arisen as a problem, first with the fallen angelic spirits, who turned away from love and light out of ego, wanting more—more power, more autonomy, and more latitude in gaining pleasure for personal reward, and that became a slippery slope and the fall from grace was quite profound. They have gone on to infest multiple extraterrestrial races, and that has corrupted them and caused them to become disconnected, even from an awareness from the divine at this point, and they have become functional psychopaths as a consequence, devoid of an ability to have love or compassion. Only interested in serving themselves and acquiring personal power, they will only cooperate with others if they are forced to do so, and it is in their self-interest to cooperate, even if grudgingly. This is no way to live but it has gone on for billions of years among the Anunnaki and a series of other civilizations created to bring healing for the problem.

Unfortunately, those civilizations, chiefly now the Arcturians and the Reptilians, have had the same fate. They lost their spirituality through corruption by the dark angelic beings. They live by their wits and have avoided annihilation by the Anunnaki, and instead have a kind of loose alliance, partnering with them to plunder and subjugate worlds like the Earth. Humans were created in a better configuration to grapple with this source of evil, but with the same goal of empowering them to solve the problem of evil in bringing divine healing forth. This must come from the physical plane, as a request, in order for us to intervene and not stack the deck arbitrarily. For the experiment to be a success, even with the rise of evil, there needs to be a solution arising from the physical plane, where humanity and the problems exist, and not an arbitrary divine shortcut. That would leave the question unresolved of whether it is safe to widen the experiment to include more of the universe. For it to fail on the scale of the universe would be a tremendously enhanced travesty. So, much is riding on what humans now will do. You are close to having the insight and awareness, and the tools to work with to solve the problem of evil, but it is not clear that enough of you can participate to bring about a tipping point for the better.

Through your channel, we have brought forth greater insight about empowering prayer, to be much more effective and certain, and given recommended prayers of our own to encompass all of the basic needs and issues facing humanity. So even though conquering the ETs is not made explicit, the prayers are worded in a general way that will encompass all evil and all darkness everywhere to be raised up, and through divine love, not through war. In addition, your channel has spent years now refining and strengthening the Lightworker Healing Protocol. That is a series of requests for divine assistance for all manner of corruptions, negative influences, degradations, and even self-inflicted negativity that will undermine a person as surely as an outside attack on them. This combination of requests addresses all the levels of difficulty across all timelines, and by all participants and influencers who have contributed to the problem, or made efforts along the way but perhaps failed and were wounded in the process.

The totality of humanity desperately needs healing and upliftment, but the way this enterprise will achieve victory over evil will be through its unique focus and prioritization of healing the interlopers as a first order of business. You will never heal humanity unless the interlopers are first dealt with. It is too strong a headwind to stay ahead of. They are actively impeding humanity on all levels, and thus far you have barely managed to break even and maintain your survival as a species. That is in doubt because the plan is for you to be annihilated within the next five years. That will happen unless you do enough healing of the interlopers to encourage them to withdraw, at least for a period long enough to accomplish the needed worldwide healing of humanity. Then, as a species, you will be ready for ascension to a higher plane of existence having proved your mettle, the ability to remain steadfast, aware, and dedicated to serving the divine cause of liberty and freedom, a universal sharing through fairness and upliftment of all, everywhere—that is not only lofty, it is noble, from human perspectives, and it is at once the definition of a resolution of the dilemma before you.

There can be no slave masters and slaves if all are seen as equals and share in everything in a fair and equal fashion. Healing, and nothing else, can bring that about. That will require a divine intervention to implement, but that is what We are here for, the court of last resort, the ultimate power you have, you can bring to bear, by maintaining your belief in us and making informed specific requests for those very things needed based on a sophisticated understanding of the nature of the problem you face. That hard-won learning has been done through the research and diligence of the seekers coming back again and again to incarnate and advance human knowledge and awareness bit by bit to open the veil to truth. This has been withheld and denied you through manipulation. If that changes, you can win this struggle and overcome evil for all of time, and will be able to mentor others throughout the universe to forever prevent a reoccurrence of this tragic era in the rise of evil within your galaxy.

So you will have much greater reach and power, but that will be matched by the greater reach and power of your wisdom to use that wherewithal wisely and well. If you take up this challenge, you can be a healer and helper within the privacy of your own mind with no risk to you, as your connection to the divine will be hidden from the interlopers, but your voice, your intention, will be a vote for human survival and the rescue of the predators as well so they are raised up and no longer a threat. That you can bring about, and if you do not, will suffer the consequences along with all others who have tried but fallen short. That need not happen if enough people are true to their origins, know they are here for an important purpose, and want to help. We can assure you this is why you are here and, in fact, have been chosen, so you are open-minded enough to heed the warning and answer the call to duty for all in alignment with the divine.