DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaHow much does past-life trauma account for quirky behavior? For instance, there is a person with an obsessive need to keep cupboards and refrigerators so full of food, that one cannot open the door without stuff falling out? And if any space does open up, this person begins to feel uncomfortable and anxious, with the only solution being to go to the store and fill those spaces. This seems to be emotionally, not rationally, motivated behavior. Can Creator explain why she does this?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This is a perfect illustration of the dilemma in being cut off from what is perceived on a deep level of the mind without the conscious self available to think through the implications, and in particular, to apply logic and reason that the deep mind is reviewing an old story that has already been lived and is no longer current or pertaining to the current lifetime. That is a piece that is missing because the deep inner part of the mind is more emotional and not adept at problem‑solving. It sees everything as having just happened when it might have been something being inspected from previous lifetimes long before, at least in the linear time illusion you are living, and in any event, separate from the current experiencing. The only thing that can carry over is the trauma and its consequences to lowering the vibration of the being and stirring up inner discord and unhealthy stressful fear and anxiety, anger, sadness, and so on.

This individual has experienced prior lifetimes of famine and desperately wants to avoid being without food on hand, having watched her family die one by one from hunger and was, in effect, tortured by the experience from being powerless to do anything at all to forestall the inevitable. So her deep subconscious is endeavoring to maintain a full larder containing as much food as possible to be ready for the next time this disaster strikes. So on the one hand, it is irrational because the motivation is based on events that are now out of date, but on the other hand, it is quite logical to respond this way having lived that nightmare and not knowing it cannot come again tomorrow. This needs deep karmic repair to free the person from the ongoing torment and agony about this possibility striking her and her loved ones.