DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialIf divine humans are extensions of the divine, why do we need to learn? Are we not already fully loaded, so to speak? Or is it that when souls are created, they start from scratch, such as tabula rasa, and if this is the case, why?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

Most souls have been in existence for vast spans of time. When souls are first created, they are imparted with many capabilities inherent within them and so they are primed with much awareness and knowledge and can grow and make strides quickly, more so than is the case for a human infant. In your realm, everything is subdued, constrained, restricted, and made much more difficult because of the many inherent limitations of the physical body and the mental function that is allowable and can be supported. Your consciousness is, therefore, filtered into a physical receptor mechanism that is inherently highly constrained and that limits your range of experience considerably.


Even as a light being, you do not know everything Creator knows. You are still a component of Creator so, on a personal level, there is vast room for growth and improvement and, in addition, when you are given freedom of movement and thought as an autonomous being, through free will and free agency, you can create new things of your own that may never have occurred to Creator or been in existence prior to your thoughts bringing them about.


This is the reason for the expansion we speak of, the grand ascension of humanity to higher dimensional function. Your capabilities will expand tremendously and this will put you in a much higher league of involvement in the universe with a much wider influence and scope of activity. There will be many, many opportunities to excel and to push the frontiers further than anything that has happened previously. That is the reason for the divine human project to begin with—it is an expansion of what Creator can do on its own. You, individually and collectively, will be expanding on all that Creator has accomplished to extend the reach further, and that will be a beautiful and joyous collaboration.