DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmIf I could be in “full empathy” with Creator for just five minutes, what would I likely experience?
Nicola Staff asked 1 week ago

You would experience boundless joy, the overwhelming cascade of love emanating from us. You get this only in small measure because of your attenuation in the state of disconnection experienced by humans in physical form. The experiencing of divine love is bliss beyond description. This is why the higher astral realm is considered “heaven.” It is living with the Almighty directly with no separation. There can be a merging of energies and a very, very full and deep understanding of many things and often the greatest path to learning is sharing Creator’s perspective directly, as with self‑acceptance, for example. The direct experiencing of the love Creator has for you will forever change for the better how you accept yourself. These are the joys awaiting you with enlightenment as you will no longer experience the disconnection that has plagued humanity down through the ages. The unity of the human family is a unity with the divine and all can function as a unit with the sharing, in a full sense, of all that is present.