DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialIf ‘souls’ are involved in the development of soul purpose and if ‘souls’ are vulnerable to negative influence, can this then lead to the development of a ‘warped’ or ‘non-ideal’ soul plan or purpose?
Nicola Staff asked 6 days ago

The only alteration of focus and warping of thought that could contrive a non-divine agenda is damage on a local level within a person. This can reach the soul but is never sufficient on its own to alter the soul to a significant degree such that it cannot plan in a divine fashion. The soul extension that comes into physical life is quite fragile and everything associated with it can be perturbed, and can be misdirected at times, and is vulnerable to all kinds of alteration and damage. This is often accompanied by corruption of inner beliefs, as well as holding onto many moments of trauma that become wounds that will not heal on their own, all of which can shape the agenda, redirect it, or derail it entirely from the soul purpose for the life journey in the particular incarnation underway. Those alterations stay associated with the physical life and then go on the akashic record as a permanent accounting of all that has happened.


When the person leaves the physical life and returns to the light, the trials and tribulations will stay behind and will not affect that soul and its broad plans. When there is a new incarnation, the person will return to the earth plane and reattach to the akashic record of what has come before within that environment, and then is subject to the signals it receives in querying the akashic records, seeking to know more about where it has been and what it has done in past outings. That is the source of ongoing changes and negative influencing across lifetimes of a troubled period of time during life in the physical. Within the life itself, until wounds are healed, they continue to rumble, so to speak, and will stir up trouble again, and again, and again. This is true of altered beliefs as well, they apply to the individual soul extension and will be referenced again and again during the life experience, and will dominate in affecting all that happens. These are the dynamics in the interaction for people in the physical.