DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialCan absolute truth be known by humans or only relative truth that is tainted by one’s own beliefs and biases? If asked, will Creator correct an individual’s incorrect beliefs or can Creator only provide correction if someone has already identified, at some level, the incorrect belief?
Nicola Staff asked 6 days ago

These are quite complex issues you ask about in a simple, straightforward fashion as if there is a single answer that covers all possible contingencies and variations in life experience that may have a bearing on what takes place at this deep level. Absolute truth is what is in divine alignment. All that is not in divine alignment deviates from absolute truth. In this sense, people do have a feel for absolute truth and an awareness, in a deep sense, what is truly true and what may not be. That is not to say they can toe the line, so to speak, and follow divine principles in each and every moment of their life. That becomes difficult due to the interplay of emotion and the stresses of life impinging on a person.

In an abstract way, people who are vibrating at a high level, meaning they are in good spiritual alignment, will very often pass a test of abstract ideas and questions pertaining to divine alignment and its characteristics. That is not quite the same thing as being in divine alignment at all levels of the being, and then through words and deeds as a sort of proof in the doings where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, and that is yet another layer of challenge and difficulty for most individuals—almost all in fact.

What people do is governed by their beliefs. Beliefs are difficult to overcome, to ignore, or surmount. They will not only have a bearing, they will direct things quite powerfully and will prevent a person from deviating too greatly, because they are the operating principles, much as the programming in a computer mandates the consequences of an instruction transmitted to the device. It cannot deviate from the programming because that determines what will happen very specifically—nothing else is allowed.

The beliefs within a person act in much the same way. If something is not believed, it will not be considered, it will not be embraced, it will not be believed, and it will not be acted on, except under duress, or if there is an additional motive and potential reward in overriding one’s own beliefs to pretend to be what one is not. People do this at times, acting in some way without having their heart in it. That is not the same thing as being able to live according to principles not believed. That can be forced through coercion to happen to varying degrees, depending on people’s vulnerability and the tolerance for fear or physical duress that may be employed at times, as in a master/slave scenario.

Creator can change people’s beliefs, but will not do so ordinarily unless this is requested by the person directly, or making the request of a third party tasked with helping to do a belief replacement, as is done with DNA ThetaHealing. When there is awareness and consent for a divine alteration of one’s beliefs, this can be done provided the constraints are not too great. People have many layers of beliefs and many of these are interlaced, interconnected, and interwoven in such a way that a simple Belief Replacement may not be possible without unweaving this tapestry, to a fair degree, to take care of some beliefs that may be anchoring a negative belief in place.

The healers who do this work on the human side are well aware of this complication and have a process of digging to find the root belief and change that, at which point, not only will the beliefs anchored to it be readily replaceable with no resistance, but some will fall away in the process of freeing that anchoring negativity and changing it to the positive. It may well be taken care of as a part of the belief replacement because it is essentially subsidiary and a consequence of the presence of the deep negative belief being worked on.

Belief changes will happen when allowable as part of karmic repair, but this can be the sticking point causing resistance to change that even the divine realm cannot surmount unless it is worked on directly with conscious participation by the individual. This can be done at the level of the deep subconscious via channeling, but few are adept at that process, and also can arrange the appropriate healing to be done simultaneously. That is an avenue needing to be more widely known and shared, so these are some of the considerations, the constraints, and the opportunities for dealing with people’s problems on the level of their beliefs. This is one of the most important, and also the most difficult area needing healing, and underlies many, many problems of human beings who struggle with something in their lives.