DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerIf we add the words “each and every day” to all of your suggested prayers, will that empower them significantly to have the prayer acted on every day in perpetuity, at least throughout the current life?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This is very much the case, and that is why, as you have noticed going back and looking at the list of prayers we have offered you to pass on to your fellow beings, the first two include these words but not the rest. That was to give humans every benefit in having these two most important prayers, those for cultivating the partnership with creator and safety, include the words inviting daily involvement. Beyond that we could not go, without your learning and awareness of why that distinction exists and whether it matters. This you are now addressing with your new awareness of the possibility to unleash divine power on a regular and perpetual basis. This, in fact, will happen as you now envision, with the simple inclusion of those words.

Everyone understands life consists of a series of days with new demands and adventures and opportunities for growth or mayhem. So the idea of the partnership can carry through with respect to all activities engaged in by humans, with a simple request being made. The one exception is the meal prayer because it is situational and specific to each act, and this you see as a distinction, but as we speak about this you are rethinking things and wondering if that, too, can be done proactively by including each and every meal, and this in fact can happen. There is no limit to divine reach, so in extension, there is no limit to the reach of human requests in how they can be configured and administered. So you can put something for those individual situations into place to cover them automatically as well.