DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionIn our channeling about [name withheld] you said she was being misled, even though she is being helped by a powerful leader of the spiritual community. What will happen?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Like so very many, including [name withheld], she is being somewhat sidetracked. And this is, of course, intentional and very deliberate on the part of interlopers to keep people constrained and limit their reach. This is done for containment, for their safety, and they want people to be moving in directions of non-productivity. They know when people come together and join forces many things can happen that are unpredictable and even profound. So they like segmentation and division and to make the messages that come forward more about individual exercises than group exercises for this reason. She has many talents, and if she follows the current guidance she will be led along a path to keep her more constrained than need be the case. There is not yet a strong outreach to the divine per se and that is what she needs to do to make things go better and to have a true source of inspiration. The very crafty and devious interlopers will seize every opportunity with an inspirational outreach through meditation to engage with a person and to begin to shape their thinking, always to turn them inward and not upward.