DWQA QuestionsCategory: AngelsIn the same way that spirits of loved ones in the light come to earth plane to be physically near their relative for purposes of a healing reassurance and to reward belief, do angels appear to people as an apparition for similar reasons, especially to cultivate or reward their faith in the divine?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The same scenario applies to angelic visitations where an angelic being can appear in visual form, or may appear in a photo taken. The latter is more likely because humans are not well-equipped to see the energy of these high-vibrational beings, in particular. It is more likely they will see a lower-level being, than an angelic. But there are special circumstances when they can be allowed to appear visually, and this is most often to answer the call when there is a powerful request that needs to be honored as a blessing that has been earned, in most cases. It rarely happens in moments of desperation. And the reason for this is not that it would be inappropriate or unappreciated, it is simply that people in great despair are usually not able to believe sufficiently in the reality of the divine in that moment, or to believe their own worthiness to have a divine appearance before them. Moments of anguish and despair are not favorable times to make divine requests, although often this is the only time people do so because it is when they get desperate they turn to the Almighty, and this is most unfortunate, and can, in fact, be prevented by cultivating a partnership well in advance of such moments, so if something of a severe nature happens, the person is comfortable in reaching out to the divine without hesitation. And that is the best of possible circumstances and will, more likely than not, be met with a rapid response, in some way, to bring relief. And this may include signs they have been heard and the divine is with them, if this is part of the request.