DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Light BeingsWas it orchestrated to happen that this client called me and described her experience of having a visit by her dead mother’s spirit at the precise moment I was editing a channeling with Creator about a light being returning to visit her parents on the anniversary of her death and had just put a period after the sentence: “These spirit visitations are therefore journeys with the purpose of healing and are very helpful to the living, and form a karmic payback on the part of the spirit as well, and this helps them with their own karmic legacy;” was that just a coincidence?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

As you know, there are no coincidences. This was orchestrated from first to last, to create the seed for the question to be asked in the first instance, and then to be editing the channeling on the very evening of the client phone session, just prior to her calling, to reach precisely the point in the narrative with a succinct description of why spirit visitations are allowed, and what is the purpose behind them, which matches the exact experience of your client, to an exact situation of dual benefits on the part of mother and daughter, both. This was fully intended and orchestrated to happen, in order to give your desperate client a double sign we are listening to her, and care about her plight, and will go to extra trouble to assist her when she requests something from us.

Many, many people need such encouragement but do not think to ask. They want the big solutions, the big healing, to solve all their problems, but they do not think about establishing a relationship first, and working up to a level of mutual belief and trust, so there is the possibility of assistance taking place to begin with, because this is often constrained by the limitations of the person in the living, through their lack of belief, or their lack of belief in themselves. And then, the divine realm cannot extend any action to them because they have created a boundary through a free will choice to be unavailable, and we must honor this. So, it is a delight for all involved when the pathway is open sufficiently to allow this to happen. In this instance, there was a sufficient belief in the divine, but not belief in the self, but the latter was supplied by you in caring about your client and wanting to help her with healing, and doing work on her behalf to bring this about time, and time, and time again. Your desire for her betterment was used as an energetic springboard to allow the divine response to reach her adequately. So this is truly a multilevel collaboration to bring about this small miracle of great meaning, and nothing is more important than the sharing of love. It is the answer for all human ills and is often in short supply.