DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceIn what ways can people build their faith, in addition to asking for signs?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

There are many ways. For one thing, time spent thinking about a partnership with the divine, and pondering the ways this can be practiced, like all such thoughts about what may be a new direction or a new resolve, leading them forward, can be productive in providing this rumination and inner role-playing, if only in their thoughts to see themselves in perhaps a new light and being successful carrying out a new way of being, considering the meaning of their actions on a broader scale, and whether they are truly love-based or self-serving in too great a fashion. So contemplation and self-analysis of the factors involved in their conduct can be very fruitful. This is often labeled soul-searching, and a good label for what this reflects, because all inner reflection that leads to honoring the soul and a truer expression of the soul’s agenda and purpose, will serve a person in the highest and best way in using their time and effort.

Spiritual practices using prayer on a regular basis are even more powerful, because this enlists the divine realm more directly, in a dialogue that exercises a partnership as well, because both the divine and the individual will be participating in the practice. So in comparison, a process of inner reflection and careful reflection in considering one’s life and how one lives, the choices one makes and their contribution to the consequences, can be bolstered by inviting divine participation here as well, through a prayer first, to ask Creator for assistance in the form of guidance and healing, to encourage an effective self-examination and the finding of a better path to take in some respects. And when this is done over and over again, it, as well, becomes a true partnership, and will strengthen and grow in effectiveness and efficiency through being utilized, and through experience, just like any endeavor that is repeated again and again becomes more efficient, takes less time and energy to get to a conclusion that has value.

So this is a good object lesson for all of human undertakings. To invite the divine to assist, to make everything higher and better, and more in divine alignment, will reap many dividends and this, as well, will heighten belief, because everything that works out, everything that improves, every new success or blessing that takes place, will then be seen by the individual as perhaps having a divine hand at work. And this will bring much encouragement and a great feeling of confidence and security in one’s belief in the divine. There is nothing like seeing proof to raise the heart and chase away doubt that can undermine a person and halt their progress even, in the extreme, because it can lead to not only disappointment but despair, and cause harm, and leave a person helpless for a time until they can find a way to raise themselves up again.

The promotion of a divine partnership means exactly that. When you are partners, you share in everything. You share in the work, you share in what is being invested, you share in the gains, and benefits, and you share in the struggles and the troubled times, and the need to overcome setbacks and roadblocks to progress, to grow new talents and skills, and build the muscles needed to say strong and persevere until success is at hand. This is the greatest deficiency in the way most people practice their faith. For them, it is simply an hour of observance done once a week, or maybe more infrequently than that, when their attendance at a religious observance is more a feeling of obligation to go and worship at the shrine, so to speak. To give thanks, but also pay one’s respects and dues, to acknowledge the Almighty out of a sense of obligation, thinking God demands this and wants to be worshipped, and may become disappointed and angry, and even seek vengeance if worship is neglected and inadequate. Nothing could be further from the truth of things.

While we want everyone to stay in touch with us and to be interconnected with us, it is not to exalt us, but to be open to sharing your experience in partnership, with an awareness of our presence, which is universal and very, very, real. We know everything about you and everything you do. You know very little about us and do not appreciate our existence much of the time. This is a quite unbalanced and unhealthy relationship at a minimum. To have a greater balance will lead to many, many, benefits and a quite meaningful and perceptible shift in energy that will cause one’s life to go in a much better and happier direction. In all likelihood, there will be requests for help along the way that make a difference, because things will happen when we are asked to participate and bring benefit to the requester. When you choose to go it alone, you give up your privileges to receive divine assistance. It’s that simple. Most people rush towards offers of free goods and services, but almost always neglect the great benefits of divine partnership out of ignorance, and it is a great loss for the nonbeliever or the simply neglectful believer, who under-appreciates the possibilities. We stand ready to serve all, but first and foremost, a partnership requires participation and involvement. Without that, it is a partnership in name only and little can happen.