DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlIs Critical Race Theory an enlightened view of the origins of troubled race relations?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This is a manipulated series of concepts and beliefs designed to trap the followers into a kind of rigid thinking that provides a biased interpretation for the reasons behind unequal distribution of benefits and rewards. The reality this will happen, which is mostly a function of differing interests and soul characteristics being expressed, and with a heavy overlay of karmic influences, mostly to the negative, hindering many individuals in hidden ways, creates a crucible giving rise to a number of inequitable situations and life circumstances of individuals. And in the absence of deeper awareness, they will look for explanations and seize on superficial circumstances and characteristics to blame for their lot in life. Such avenues favoring individual suffering are the working levers used by those seeking power to manipulate broad masses of people, to gather together the disgruntled, the impoverished, the unhappy because they have seemingly been treated unfairly, and create a following. This is perceived as a win-win because the leader attracting those troubled individuals will gain the power of having a considerable number of followers who may empower and extend their reach by forming a mass movement and will be a ready audience and perhaps paying clientele for services and teachings, all of which is rewarding financially as well as providing ego gratification.

By the same token, the followers will be empowered in feeling they are a part of something important and that there is an important reason for their plight, and also perceive they are being given a path to an improvement for their situation and may well feel quite virtuous in the undertaking in embracing the role of victim, and so on, so there is a natural appeal to human psychology because of individual frailty and inner fear. The fact that those undesirable experiences may have a broad diversity of causes and are often deep karmic issues coming from other lifetimes, and cannot be traced to nor blamed on anyone in the current life experience in society, is not considered. So what we are saying is that this ideological perspective has a faulty premise altogether. To build an edifice to deal with racial intolerance that promotes division and judgment of people as having differences in their worth and validity of opinions and ideas is substituting one kind of intolerance for another. It assumes the worst about those involved and who are being targeted and, in effect, creates their mirror image in the form of tormentors as a proposed solution, when in fact what it does is to perpetuate ongoing victimization of everyone who gets involved. This is a prescription for a never-ending race war and you can see the gathering clouds on the horizon already with the widespread rise and embracing of Critical Race Theory by so many institutions. This will not end well.