DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationIs our reality an artificial construct or a holographic projection of what is known as “the matrix?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This concept is itself inherently a disinformation campaign. It is designed to disempower humans by making them think that reality is arbitrary, it is temporary, and it is not the primary human experience to begin with. This serves to create a state of complacency within people. After all, if you are simply a creation of energy on someone’s view screen, then your responsibility extends no further than just being a manipulated energy. There is nothing for you to do, in particular. Escaping from the matrix has a kind of curb appeal, because it does address the yearning within to return to the divine, to one’s origin, to one’s true home, and to a place of bliss and empowerment that extends far beyond that available to physical human. The idea is appealing. But the nature of reality is not encompassed, nor does this give you any sense of how to go about it, or where to go if you escape from this punitive matrix.

This is no accident; it is a fill-in for a true solution to the dilemma that people experience. It is a very shallow representation of the true significance of existence as experienced by physical human. This is quite real. In a broad sense, it is a projection of the divine. But this projection is the creation of a reality that is truly life and death. You have a soul; its existence will be perpetual if you do a series of things to maintain it and not seek its destruction. That is a given that you can take for granted, because it is desired by Creator. As a physical human, you are in a so-called three-dimensional existence, and that is very, very real. Your death is the end of a very important karmic experience that has consequences—how it happens, when it happens, who is involved, what influence they held, and the consequences to all those whose lives you touch, other soul-based beings who have a stake in your physical existence.

The use of the term “matrix” can have some metaphorical convenience in thinking about things energetically, but it is solely a concept and not a physical reality. There is an energetic force that flows through and supports everything, and there are multiple levels of energy. There are multiple dimensions that are inter-penetrating. In that sense, there is a broad matrix of energy. But that is simply a concept. If you want to hop from one dimension into another, you can do this with your consciousness; you cannot yet do it with your physical makeup. However, there are other beings who have mastered this skill and can do so. But the being continues to exist; it is only a change of location.

This is not something within the realm of possibility for physical human. It is a lofty notion, but there is no future destiny in doing so. If there is a graduation of a human from this physical dimension, it will be done through an ascension process that takes the entirety of humanity along with it—as well as the planet itself. This has been foreseen by many, because it is a divine plan for the eventual progression of human evolution as a species and a divine extension. But this will not be done by individuals simply choosing to do so, and then finding some way to make this happen. We can tell you to a certainty that if you talk with an extraterrestrial being and make a request to leave this dimension—leave this manifestation within the so-called “matrix”—they may well agree to do this and take you elsewhere. In this case, you are much more likely to end up as food for an Anunnaki extraterrestrial than to land in a place of your dreams and have an improved living circumstance.

You are here. You are trapped here for the duration until you choose to leave on a soul level. This you will do one day, but it will not be done through conscious choice alone. It is a soul decision made in conjunction with multiple levels of the divine realm. It is planned and orchestrated as well, but it is not the answer for the plight of humanity to simply leave and go into another dimension. That will only happen once humanity is healed—and if humanity is healed. The entire enterprise might end. That is much more likely to happen than individuals choosing to leave on their own or ascend in some way. You will all ascend, or none will ascend. This is the reality, because you belong together, exist together, and share an energetic presence in physical reality. When you bump into the wall, it is you who yield and not the wall. That is physical reality.

You are not leaving here unless you give up your physical existence. Otherwise, you will remain tethered to the physical body. If the body becomes unworkable, you will still remain tethered to the body. This is the plight of those in coma until actual death is chosen. Then the spirit level will leave. But until then, you are here for the duration. Therefore, this is not a useful exercise in which to engage. Those who promote it are attracted to the idea for reasonable answers. But with a deeper look, we hope you can understand our explanation and see that this is an imperfect and flawed representation of your potential future destiny. This then may lead you to wonder about the source in offering this as an ultimate solution.

Most individuals are heavily corrupted, and they too are being manipulated and minded to have certain stories and perspectives which can vary widely. There is a reason for this as well. The confusion of the multitude of voices serves the darkness by leading to confusion, uncertainty, doubt, and then complacency among the many factions believing they have found their answer and rallying around the particular guru who seems to know more than they do. Then they feel like they are set, and there is no more work needed on their part. All of this keeps people sidelined, and that is the purpose. The darkness is willing to show itself if it serves the darkness in some way. That is what the promulgators of these escape routes have in common. They use that as a motivator to embrace their ideas. They will scare you first with some of the dark truths, and then offer a non-solution. This is purposeful, and this is an extra delight for the interlopers who love to show their power and have people live in fear and awe of what they represent.