DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsWhen we make an intuitive connection with a being, how can we be sure that we are connecting to one who is indeed from the divine realm, or in alignment with the divine realm?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This is very, very difficult and that is the most unfortunate aspect of the current dilemma. It is also the explanation for the dilemma. The multitude of lightworkers who only have desire in their hearts for human betterment do not go forth to talk with a dark being or an impostor, but yet, the odds overwhelmingly favor that will be so. The reason is you truly lack full vision. You lack a full array of senses to know what is safe and what is not safe. When you ask “How can we know what is safe and what is not safe…”, you can apply that analogy to a blind person, asking them to look at an individual who is before them and make an assessment. With the gift of vision, you might see that they have a weapon in their hand. You might see that they are unkempt or are in distress in some way which body language conveys. A clever impostor also has the capability to send a positive energetic impulse to someone wishing to connect intuitively. You will not see a surface warning that the impostor cannot be trusted. This is the cleverness with which they operate. They understand humans quite well. They know how you think; they understand your feelings; they can manipulate your feelings. If they first send a signal that causes a love feeling within you and then show up and say hello, you will perceive that in that context, as a friend stepping forward. This is only natural.

What we are telling you is—this is the toughest challenge you may face. If this were simple, we would tell your channel, and he would tell you again and again and again. He struggles with this himself, because it is the challenge of all who wish to have a true divine interconnection for whatever purpose. No one wants their entreaties to fall on deaf ears. That is not the problem. The divine can hear you perfectly—always. Every thought directed to the divine reaches us. That cannot be blocked; it cannot be altered; it cannot be distorted. We have perfect clarity in knowing what is in your hearts, in your thoughts, and in everything you do and say. We, in fact, are present with you in each and every moment. The problem is on your end—that you feel so apart and disconnected from us. If you were able to connect to us directly, you would know by simple contrast when another energy approached.

This is not a luxury that you enjoy at present and is not truly in your skill set. Many people think that they can discern this—and in some cases, this is so. It is reinforced by the personal guidance, if that has been requested. If that has not been asked for, it cannot be gifted to you. Many who have drifted away from their religious perspectives and teachings feel that they can navigate on their own because they are spiritual and desire nothing but the best in all they do. They cannot conceive that their outreach to a higher source would ever be interfered with and believe any intruder would be shooed away by the divine realm, especially if there were a specific target—for example, an archangel who one wishes to converse with or say prayers to.

We guarantee you that there are many impostors of archangels and of Creator. Most channelers of such beings do not reach us, and we do not speak to them.  That is because they do not have the inner alignment of intention that can escape being misdirected by an interloper. The interlopers do this fearlessly because they do not believe in our existence and our divinity and, therefore, have no inner fear of consequence. They are only taking over a discussion that they see will keep you preoccupied with them and out of mischief. When people invoke the divine and things happen to favor them, the extraterrestrials believe this to be the power of human thought, not that a divine force is assisting them. They underestimate the power that you have available to you to engage with us.

This is a very, very difficult thing. One criterion would be whether the information is in alignment with your heart in all respects. Does it hew to the highest principles? If so, it is likely to be divine information, even though coming from an impostor. It may have some value for the person. Most spiritual books in print are disinformation because they have not come from a divine source in the most recent communication. They are divine teachings of old being reworked for the most part. But the channeler and the source of the channeler are reaching a minder—someone who is simply doing handholding to keep them busy and focused on a more entry-level of spiritual knowledge and awareness. This keeps them out of trouble and not putting their minds to work at countering the interlopers and what they are doing. If they keep people believing they can meditate and engage in happy thoughts to bring them abundance, they are happy to encourage that all day long.

This is something that has to be learned individually through cultivating a very high level of belief in the divine. That is the first requirement. If that is shaky, a divine connection with receipt of information in an active way cannot happen in the same degree of robustness, and with an enhancement of knowledge and awareness beyond the person’s current level. If people are not ready for learning and further teaching, it cannot be given. This is true of the higher self to some degree as well. The higher self has more latitude because it has the charter to assist the person. But many people in reaching to their higher selves end up communicating with an impostor as well. They are fooling themselves that they are channeling their higher self and receiving high-level advice. This can be quite dangerous, because they are putting their trust in a being who wants their complacency, their irrelevancy, and eventually even potentially their destruction to result.

We would say that belief in the divine is first and foremost, and then belief in the self in being worthy. Both conditions must be met to receive divine guidance. If there are cracks in the armor in either category, the likelihood of receiving divine communication is greatly diminished. This is the way it must be. This is the consequence of the human dilemma in being disconnected. We cannot breach the gap for you; this is your problem to solve. This is one aspect of the overall dilemma of humanity of being disconnected. The larger problem will need to be solved before this relatively minor application can be done reliably. This is not what you wish to hear.

Everyone would like to have a workable prescription to do this. It is quite possible and is done by many. Those who work to heal others through talking with Creator do this routinely and do receive direct communication. We give them feedback from us on a routine basis which they perceive, whether it is visually, through a knowing, or some other sense. It is a divine communication returning to them. But these are people who cultivate that outreach to us with a high level of belief and a high belief in themselves, their worthiness, and their readiness to step into a role of service to themselves, as well as others. If people have low regard for themselves, we may be blocked in assisting them, because they are choosing the disconnection once again. This is a choice every human has made. You come in disconnected and increasingly make choices which line up with this disconnection through cultural influences and the influences of parents, peers, and institutions—and the passage of time works against the individual as well.

This is the best we can do to encourage the cultivation of belief, and you can ask the divine realm to help you with this. Therefore, what we would suggest first for anyone who desires this to be enhanced would be to do prayer work each and every day to ask for greater clarity, accuracy, and safety, and to receive divine wisdom, support, encouragement, healing, and protection at all levels. This is your birthright. If you begin to exercise it, you will start increasing its effectiveness, and the benefits will grow over time. The same is true of the higher self.

As a second step, we suggest making an entreaty of a similar kind to your higher self—to welcome it into your experience more actively than ever before and to be your partner, as we would suggest that you do with Creator. Make us your partner. You can stand every day with one of us at your side and the other at the other side—hand in hand in everything that you undertake, receiving a divine support and encouragement, to the extent allowable within the rules. That is for us to enforce. That is how it will happen. You will not be able to take over the world because we are going to line up with you and let you do everything you want, but you will receive many more blessings if you ask for that divine support than if you do not ask.

The same is true in avoiding lining up with an impostor in some way, a source of influence. This would also include the dark spirits. Their ability to infest a person is a serious risk factor in life. Most people develop spirit attachments as infants and children, and this continues lifelong. They are plagued for their entire life by having a drain on their energy and having a negative influence talking to their subconscious, undermining them, and contributing to their self-doubt and self-criticism.

The third thing we would say is to be sure that you are free and clear of such influences and to have yourself cleansed of all sources of inner negativity which are not your energy and consciousness. There are many potential influencers of this kind. Many types of spirits are parasites and will infect you. Also, many extraterrestrials desire to manipulate a significant percentage of human beings directly through altering them, controlling them, and carrying out manipulations of their physical being, as well as the mind. You can receive divine help for all of this, but it must be actively requested.

Staying safe presumes a divine partnership, because that is your only true defense. When you decide to put up energy to keep out something unwanted, it will only do so if it has divine firepower behind it. If it is solely your energy, it might dissuade some weak, low-level beings. But will not be powerful enough to contend with high-level sources of negativity, including high-level curse energy and the effects of dark spirits and extraterrestrial technologies and manipulation directly. There are some weaker assailants who you can parry, but there are enough highly adept practitioners of the dark arts who are a force to reckon with. We say this not to add fear and doubt but simply to point out the current state of affairs. This is simply another reason to do things in partnership with the divine. Why do something alone when you can enlist friends to give you a hand? It is only logical, and it will also increase your safety and success.