DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaIs Russ Dizdar in divine alignment, and is his book, The Black Awakening, an accurate portrayal and prediction of coming action by the Extraterrestrial Alliance in collusion with the dark spirits, at least the plan?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

We would give you a broad “yes” to both parts of your question. As you yourself have seen in going through the book carefully, there is truth on almost every page. Not a full awareness of all the underpinnings and the true association of some of the phenomena with what is being planned. The biblical references in themselves are a very intuitive perception of the resonance with the plan of the Extraterrestrial Alliance and are quite a fitting juxtaposition because the Bible, as we have told you, was a whistleblowing document about the very same problems. There is nothing new under the sun in this regard. People were fighting against dark spirits and extraterrestrials in biblical times just as they do today. The only thing that has changed is human culture and the current interaction of the interlopers with humans acting in new roles within their society. If anything, things are worse because of the plans for a Final Solution to eradicate humanity entirely. This is a plan that has been considered in the past. It was foreseen by the prophets of old that it would be coming, and that intention was to raise the alarm and wake people up so they would begin a process of discovery and gain the understanding and insight needed to counter this effectively through the divine realm.

This has yet to happen fully and falls to you at this point in time and in history—very close to the finish line. You are up to the task and you have the tool needed. What is needed now is the broader awakening. That is what he is trying to do with his book—to wake others up, to have more aware of the nature of the problem and take action needed. His promotion of prayer is spot on and the idea of doing spirit removal and to work to counter those manipulated on a subconscious level to program them for doing misdeeds and to serve the Extraterrestrial Alliance, are very sorely needed as is your work for spirit removal and healing for all perpetrators in addition to the human victims. That is a perspective he lacks at present because he is thinking from the perspective of the biblical injunctions which were a more prosaic level of thinking in keeping with the limitations of those times. You are both seeing the problem, from somewhat different vantage points, but have keyed in on the main central elements and as well the dark agenda and the urgency.