DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionIs Satanic Ritual Abuse in the current or a past life a common cause of necrophilia, and was this the cause of killer Ted Bundy’s necrophilia?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

You creatively made connection here through your ingenuity, and this is very much the case. In both instances, the two serial killers were motivated for their particular actions by previous lifetime experiences of depravity, and this was true of the association of dead things with pleasure. It was not pleasure per se, it was a compulsion driven by the past lifetime of Ritual Sexual Abuse that puts such programming into place to seek experiences in observing or causing death, and then to have a ritual ingestion of blood or tissue as a kind of reward. This is typically programmed to be a form of self-recognition and reinforcement of carrying on the part of those who manipulate individuals involved in these practices. The whole enterprise is one of having a hierarchy in which a desperate desire for belonging and for acceptance is cultivated and then reinforced through ritual and dark practices representing the desired contrast, that acceptance equals safety and non-acceptance equals potential death at their hands. So the need for acceptance becomes paramount and the participation in the rituals will be done to preserve the self without the ability to override the pressures in response to the person’s own moral qualms. Typically, the latter will become, for all practical purposes, extinguished by the need to survive the abuse, and this constitutes a corruption that plays forward in the karmic energies.