DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionWas Jeffrey Dahmer’s killing and cannibalism of his victims linked to the prior life of being victimized by Satanic Ritual Abuse we were shown during his Spirit Rescue, when he was forced to drink blood and eat human flesh? If so, what does this portend for future generations if practice of this horror continues to be widespread?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

You were seeing this accurately. In a prior life, he was subjected to cannibalistic ritual and this was in service to the corrupted Cabal who use these practices for multiple purposes. It corrupts all humans involved. This serves the Extraterrestrial Alliance as it drags them down it creates many points of friction, inner conflict, as well as causing difficulty in behavior and treatment of others. It is a corruption of the spirit and aids and abets the dark spirit attachments typical of all these individuals. This practice is indeed widespread. Still, it has occurred down through the ages and is a well-worn path. The consequences for all involved are a karmic legacy stemming from exposure; whether only witnessing or participating, there is a trauma to the psyche and this registers within the akashic records.

It both predisposes the person to coming under the shadow of people who carry out such acts, as well as an inner predisposition to repeat them, much in the manner of a sexually abused child to find a perpetrator and be re-victimized. In this case, the damage is to the self, a corruption of the soul, and the re-expression in this instance is self-imposed, self-induced, and self-exercised. It is not uncommon among those abused to act out the abuse in subsequent lifetimes, even unilaterally through acts of depravity, destruction of the self in various ways, or to manipulate others to re-create the experiencing of the same trauma. Whether visited on the self or another person, it can satisfy this inner need, for the ritual is part of the human mind’s way of coping to store memories and to revisit these with regularity when triggered to recall them by a similar stress or circumstance.

So the experiences of such severe nature will almost certainly come up in the deep subconscious in subsequent lifetimes and will cause trouble when they do. The ultimate answer for this is healing across the board for all such victims and especially, all perpetrators contributing to the problem. Until this is done, it will be a karmic legacy that repeats again and again, much like other negative traits that drag down humanity, the propensity for war, the exhibition of racism and other forms of discrimination, and so on.