DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsIs the channeler [name withheld] authentic and accurate in his channeling? Is his work in alignment with the divine?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Unfortunately, as you have feared and felt intuitively, this is not the case. He is being misled in thinking he is doing great work, but it is essentially make-work and not in divine alignment. He is not offering things of great value, and worse, he is also a conduit for further subjugation and manipulation, like all of the false channelers. They mean well but are falling short in what they offer because they are misled in thinking that humans can do everything and that only good is going to happen because that is what people are wanting. That creates many false hopes and fruitless endeavors, as well as the complacency where people let life pass them by, thinking that everything is planned and set to bring happiness their way, when they must, themselves, make everything happen through their own efforts in using their intelligence, creativity, and physical action to make the connections needed to engage in useful work and interrelationships to make a contribution in some way that deserves a reward in a conventional sense.

The further damage comes from creating a magnet to attract those who seek something beyond the ordinary. So, the followers self-identify as seekers who are not currently subjugated and therefore in need of greater manipulation by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to render them safe by a keeping them sidelined in a cul-de-sac pursuing the make-work. And, in this instance, whether they follow the recommendations and assistance of this channeler, they will be on a list of people to be minded with further manipulation. So, a single encounter, a single session, giving their name to the website involved here, put them in the awareness of the Extraterrestrial Alliance as someone needing further manipulation, and those individuals, each and every one, will be visited by an extraterrestrial psychic working intuitively within a deep level of the person’s mind without their awareness, carrying out a sequence of programmed manipulation to create many beliefs within the person that serve the Extraterrestrial Alliance and work against the person, both personally, and as a member of humanity.

This is quite a high price to pay for simply seeking greater insight, a chance at enlightenment, or some personal betterment through a greater understanding of the world, of the universe. But this is true across the board, and is the greatest negative consequence of the many false channelers—as they are tools of the Extraterrestrial Alliance—to be the sales representatives, mixing among humanity and drawing a following of seekers to appear, and become registered as thinking outside the box and thereby unwittingly contributing to their own undoing, all of which has karmic consequences for the channelers who, as well, are being duped, but are committing great harm through their ignorance.