DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindIs the phenomenon of OCD coming from the conscious level of the mind or is its origin from the subconscious, or deep subconscious, or elsewhere?
Nicola Staff asked 12 months ago

This is a multi-factor phenomenon. The conscious creation of the thoughts and the speaking or acting on the thoughts that are obsessive are occurring within the conscious mind and preserved and fomented and projected into the future as a habit by the conscious mind itself. The impetus for this is coming from below, from the deep subconscious. The ultimate answer for OCD therefore lies within the deep subconscious not within the conscious self displaying the symptom and struggling with its consequences. All of the efforts at therapeutic intervention and strategies to cope with the impulses can have some benefit, but the ultimate healing can only come through resolving the inner conflicts that give rise to the need for the preoccupation in the first place. Once that source of stress is eliminated, the conscious mind has no reason to persist in focusing on irrelevancies, and that is what the thoughts will truly become once the inner driving force is satisfied and no longer is mounting a plea for help.

Even though the compulsive focus and ideation exhibited by OCD sufferers lacks logic, that does not mean there cannot be a deep inner need for the preoccupation and devotion to the rituals, the perseveration about ideas, and potential sources of difficulty, or threat to safety that are among the array of symptoms exhibited by those with this disorder. The deep inner conflict is always connected in some way to the nature of the compulsions exhibited by the sufferers, and this can be revealed directly by doing subconscious channeling work to help the situation.

The Lightworker Healing Protocol can be of value as well, and especially with added requests to focus on the symptoms being displayed and to resolve through trauma resolution and belief work the driving force producing these particular symptoms. This is true for all human complaints, that adding the client issues consciously into the mix during the healing sessions will add some extra empowerment for the divine realm to act fully with regard to those issues identified in particular. Keep in mind that when we look at a human being, we see thousands of things out of alignment, and while we can tell what is most distressful and what hurts the most, the assignment of relative priority will inevitably be different because we always are referencing the big picture and humans are not. You worry about the stubbed toe. We worry about your longevity and especially the woundings to the soul that can harm you on all levels at once, directly or indirectly, and do much damage to the future lives as well.

We understand humans want relief from those things bothering them at the moment as the top priority. And so, simply designating these creates a very clear agenda and the divine realm can work on both types of issues. There is no competition or conflict here. We are only pointing out that humans have the most say about the agenda and in the absence of instructions the divine realm will do its best to serve the client in the highest and best way, and that may well be more according to our perspective than the client’s. But in a vacuum, we cannot make guesses or projections because that is leading the client in ways they are not requesting.