DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlIs the widespread incidence of pedophilia among Catholic priests a consequence of purposeful corruption by spirit meddler possession and to what extent was mind control manipulation by the Extraterrestrial Alliance involved? Was this a collusion involving the extraterrestrials on the part of the spirit meddlers?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

This is very much the case and provides the true answer for all of the uncertainty, and all of the great fear, and the tremendous disappointment in the church itself, and the widespread disenchantment with the church and with the Catholic Faith, in many cases, because how could such a thing even happen under God’s watch by the holiest of men?

You, from all you know, can see this as happening easily because people are still human despite their vows, their training, their inner desires to do their best and to live their faith, in this case, and be virtuous. When people are manipulated, they begin to think and act outside their own belief systems. That is the hallmark of mind control manipulation—it is to indeed motivate people to do things abnormal and not in keeping with their character. So these behaviors are not only bizarre to the casual observer, but are obvious examples of some type of dark influence above and beyond the fact it is not easy to maintain a vow of chastity, and particularly when one might be prone to abnormal sexual proclivities and are in a position of authority with young people who can be easily manipulated and overwhelmed to keep them silent about any wrongdoing that is forced on them.

The answer is that this is entirely a widespread and orchestrated conspiracy through a collusion of the Extraterrestrial Alliance with the dark spirits plaguing humanity to heavily target clergy, particularly of the Catholic Church, and to work to corrupt them to step over a line and engage not only in conduct inappropriate to their vows, but frankly illegal and grievous in nature in the harm it causes to sensitive young people who are vulnerable, being in their formative years, and lacking adult maturity and perspective.

The fact this happens on a wide scale is a testament to the power of the force brought to bear, not to the fact that there is something wrong with Catholicism or priests, or even the requirement for a vow of chastity. There are plenty of ways to have a personal sexual outlet, if chastity becomes too difficult to maintain 100% of the time, short of sexually abusing a child—the one does not automatically flow from the other. There are many, many non-priest adult humans who live alone and lack opportunities for sexual expression with others but do not turn to preying on young children even if there is an opportunity for them to do so. There is always some potential trigger that can be used to manipulate the person to engage in aberrant behavior, but that is not the same thing as having a serious character flaw or to make a selfish, willful choice to serve their base instincts in defiance of their own vows and the potential horrific consequences with exposure in the public arena and, in particular, the possibility of prosecution.

It is less the case that this has been fostered and maintained through laxity of church authorities and a reluctance to allow public visibility of the problem for selfish reasons—to keep parishioners in the pews, and continuing to tithe to the church coffers, and not have a reason to become disgruntled, than a desire to grow the problem to the greatest possible degree by keeping it quiet and to reward the wrongdoers through an orchestrated cover-up within the church organization itself at whatever level might be needed to keep things hushed up. This is a further manipulation so even the men of conscience charged with oversight of priest conduct, fail to act openly and with conviction to see that such behavior is brought to justice in some way, at least administratively, if not through the legal system of the secular community.

The fact that has not happened, over and over again, is itself a consequence of manipulation so that the problem will grow and become ever larger in scope. In that way, the problem becomes a huge one before there is any public awareness, let alone an outcry. If a small number of incidents were to happen but be dealt with quickly so people became aware this can happen, but the church will safeguard the parishioners by dealing with such episodes decisively and fairly, this will not undermine the church, but rather reinforce confidence that people are putting their trust in men of faith and in an organization that honors the divine.

The fact that this has festered below public awareness for many, many years and become so widespread in expression among the priest community, shows that there were additional evils involved and, in fact, required to keep the lid on things for so very long. It is not the selfishness of the leadership or an evil corruption, even at the highest levels, in some way condoning such behavior by secretly supporting the wrongdoers and, in effect, almost rewarding them in transferring them to other parishes where they could resume their ways because the alarm had not been sounded yet in the new locale—so the poison would spread. The failings of the leadership were because of manipulation to restrict their ability to choose a more dramatic, decisive, and effective course of administrative action to weed out the troublemakers swiftly.