DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindIs there a difference between a “held” belief and an “inserted” belief? Can or “will” the divine realm heal both, or only the latter?
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

All beliefs have a history and a uniqueness in their meaning and how they came to be embraced by the person and added to the instruction set for living. Those inserted can become every bit as strong and deeply held and cherished as those self-created, or encouraged to form by the actions of others influencing the person and teaching them about the world and their role in it, for better or for worse. The divine realm can much more readily replace the programming and beliefs instilled by interlopers than what is done through conscious choice of the individual, but there are complications still, in that once beliefs are adopted and embraced by a human being, they become the force of law, in effect, so the divine realm cannot simply pluck them out. There must be a process to work through time and begin to alter the history of all that has happened to create a situation of less vulnerability so the person will have less acceptance and will be more resistant to the intrusion of thought becoming a deeply held belief, as opposed to a passing notion perhaps, or ignored altogether. In this way, anything can be done, but some things are much, much more work and take a good deal longer to accomplish. This is the power humans have to govern their world and their affairs, even when they go astray, and this is why much must be done by the self to work their way forward and overcome the problems of the past. It cannot simply be washed away because so much has been put in place actively by the self and only the self can undo some of it.