DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindCan subconscious programming by interlopers overturn wisdom, or only fill the voids where true understanding is lacking?
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

The subconscious programming can alter anything within the mind potentially. It is a function of how they go about it, how frequently the intrusions are made within the deep mind to do the deed. Some things are more difficult to shift than others. This is why some individuals escape entirely from influence. They not only are protected, they hold very strong views that are understood deeply, and valued deeply, and will simply not entertain any notion to go against them. So individuals with a strength of conviction will be more resistant to the programming as well. It is that vast sea of people who think little about life below the surface level that are quite easy to manipulate because, in a sense, the interlopers are getting there first because the person has not plowed the field and sown the seeds of knowledge leading to wisdom, and this takes quite a toll on humanity overall.