DWQA QuestionsCategory: Benevolent ExtraterrestrialsIs there a language embedded in the crop circles and do they contain warnings or predictions?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This indeed has happened. The crop circles are messages from advanced worlds. This is one of the ways that the advanced extraterrestrials are allowed to be of service, more directly, to the human enterprise, to give messages of encouragement and upliftment, to give them clues there is something greater than the human-level experience ongoing. It is a reminder of the divine, but done through physical hands in the sense of coming from other created beings, not from divine realm directly. So this is done through the rules of engagement because of the involvement and the interplay of species between worlds here. The human has origin, in having its basic make-up coming from star beings, in other realms. They continue to have a stake in things, and karmic interactions with humans, and so there is yet a further interaction done by a small number of authentic channelers, as well as the appearance of crop circles that are messages. They are a signal, they are a reminder there is a higher consciousness, a higher level of order and greater possibility, than is achievable or expressible by humans at present. Many of the crop circles defy explanation as to how they might have been created, particularly in appearing so rapidly and without evidence of any human involvement. And this includes the encoding of information content that can be mathematical, or also in language, and so, this is a way that hints have been rendered about the sinister aims of the extraterrestrials linked, for example, to the Greys, in having a negative potential and purpose, and to give caution to human about such beings. It is clearly coming from a third party and therefore the question then is, “What is the purpose for such a communication?” And so, it is very much a warning—”you are at risk, and there is danger about.” And these beings very much are sympathetic to the human cause and cheering on the possibility of human success—breaking free and rising to new heights. This is the dream and the hope of many who are watching.

It will depend, in the end, on humans, and humans partnering with the divine to bring this about. The advanced extraterrestrials can give some encouragement but they will not provide hands-on activity to bring this about. That is another disinformation campaign that has many authors, all of whom are being misled. It is a diversion, it is a way to disempower people, making them complacent in thinking there will be a rescue from benevolent extraterrestrials who will throw out the negative evil ones and save the day. That would completely abrogate the learning, and the challenge to human, to solve this problem themselves. There is no question that an advanced civilization could do things you cannot. That is not the same as you proving your capability, your resolve, your alignment with the divine, as the fullest expression of your being. If you turn away from the divine you will lose your power, you will lose your reach, you will be diminished, it is that simple. You will be on your own and then you will be vulnerable. Those are the choices. Do you wish to be powerless and crushed under foot, or do you wish to stand strong with a divine partner to prevail, to see the interlopers withdraw, and then see the true human legacy unfold in a glorious fashion, to undreamed of heights? We see this as a simple choice. Most people do not know there is a choice to be made. This is the challenge of those who are awake—to awaken others.