DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaIs this client’s awareness of past lives with three of her family members, centered around struggles of the son, accurate and reflecting important karmic underpinnings of his struggles in this life, which have burdened the whole family?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Indeed and that is a perfect capsule summary of what has been playing out through all of these years starting from the difficult pregnancy and the shaky beginning and fragile health of the son and the mother as well in dealing with all that was happening with the infant because this was hugely triggering of her inner fear and the torment coming from knowing there were many things to dread in the future potential outcome, and this hung over the family on an ongoing basis for years and years because of the long karmic history of tragedy experienced by the members of the family. This was a karmic setup to repeat the former challenges and the deep subconscious minds of each participant were discerning this reality and keenly aware of what they were facing. And this created great inner turmoil that made the physical challenges of the innate vulnerability being, in effect, created within the son in particular with regard to his immune status, and then triggering emotionally, the other family members witnessing the suffering to have the emotional fallout from being involved yet again in an ongoing life and death struggle involving someone they cared about.

In this case, karma is doing what it needs to. It is very efficient and very precise in creating a dilemma exquisitely designed to provide an opportunity for restitution, for payback, for rebalancing other lifetimes where love was absent, love was denied, love was unavailable, and love was not enough given inner frailty and sometimes corruption by the darkness to limit capabilities and become a huge obstacle to survival. So all of these factors are causal elements. What matters is that love in this incarnation is brought to bear and prevails, to raise everyone up. That is the goal of the Lightworker Healing Protocol and will be the goal of the divine as well in helping each family member going forward.