DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietyIt has been stated that as much as one-third of America’s richest farmland has been lost to suburbia or “urban sprawl.” This seems like an unrecognized yet extraordinary cost for the privilege of having to cut a quarter acre of grass every week. Couple that with the need to keep actual vegetable gardens inconspicuous in many such communities, and it seems there is something truly amiss in the American Dream of life in suburbia. What is Creator’s perspective on this, and what does this loss of arable land truly signify?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

What you are seeing in this analysis is the consequence of competing values and agendas with suburbia being a compromise to save people from the city but still give relative proximity and some semblance of a greater connection to nature, or at least the possibility with clever landscaping. You are seeing a series of trade-offs. Nothing is ideal in the arrangement. The need for arable land as a function of population size is a separate issue entirely. The Earth has a huge population because that is needed to save humanity by having enough souls present so enough divine light can be brought to bear on the human dilemma. This is a deliberate strategy of the divine, to counter the forces of evil by increasing your numbers and creating an ever-increasing burden on the interlopers to keep you managed and in your places.

This is backfiring on your controllers and that is a divine intention. That being the case, the fact that you, individually, do not all have a Shangri-La to enjoy is a secondary consideration from the divine perspective. There are simply more important needs at the present time than the quality of your lifestyle per se. What is important is that you survive and keep going and in particular recognize your divinity and the importance of living according to divine principles; that is what will keep you strong and able to counter the forces of evil through a partnership with Creator; that will get you through almost anything. Things will only worsen if people in larger numbers do not heed our warnings we give again and again, that you need divine help to rebalance things and return your world to a better state of existence. You cannot do this through human power alone. Only an appeal to Creator will right the wrongs of history and help you to continue going, even though you are coming under increasing pressure from the interlopers to undermine you at every turn.

The fact life is so far from perfection still, despite the thousands of years of human culture, is an excellent diagnostic indicator that you are not truly free to make all your own choices. If you were, human culture would have been optimized ages ago and each succeeding generation would be only further enhancing a glorious existence that was fine-tuned and optimized by forebearers to be enjoyed in perpetuity almost, because things would be made to last, integration of human dwellings with nature would be a high art and the highest of priorities for any new construction. The arts in particular would have the highest of priorities and be given the highest of esteem, so even the simplest things of a practical nature would be designed with inherent beauty as well as functionality, and good ideas would only be made better and not destroyed with the risk of not even being rediscovered, as has happened again and again through prior eras of optimization. That cannot be allowed by the interlopers because there is a risk you will begin to overtake and overshadow them. They cannot tolerate a risk to their domination. They must keep you suppressed in bringing a lowered standard of living to you as their underlings because that is what justifies their lifestyle as predators.